Show #1: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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This inaugural show is a dream come true. We’ve been waiting for over 20 years to share and hope you like it.

Inside: There’s a fun little exercise that helps you directly understand how your thinking creates your world. We top it off with some homework where you will create something out of thin air. No kidding.

Have fun and let us know what you think!

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15 thoughts on “ Show #1: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

  1. RFS

    Belated subscriber to your show — yes, I heard about it via Adam! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I had it all set in my mind. I was thinking about the blue feather, and obviously, I thought, if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen tomorrow when I go to a medieval reenactment — it will be in a hat, or who knows, but something like that. So I started closing computer windows for the night.

    And there it sat in my browser, in an advertisement for RoadRunner highspeed online, with a drawing of the road runner — with blue plumage. I reloaded that page and the ad was gone, replaced by something else, of course.



  2. Trent

    I got not only a blue feather but a whole bird. The day after I started I passed a van on the road. The company logo was a flying bird (a dove?) and the entire bird was colored blue.

  3. Zannie Rose

    just joined and am enjoying it already. I will be noticing how a blue feather shows up..but will it be cheating if I go to the aprk where I know I will see a mallard with blue feathers?

  4. Valentina

    Hi there!
    I did the blue feather exercise and after about 23 hrs I came across a newspaper where on the front page there was a picture of a parrot with a blue forehead. Does that count as a manifestation of the blue feather? Or should I wait for an actual blue feather to come my way? In need of advice.

  5. Myth

    I belive that the exercise is like making a wish. If your vague and generic about what you wish for, you might not get exactly what you wanted. Like the 30 year old man married to a 30 year old woman, the man wished to be married to a woman that was younger than him, and the genie made him 60 years old instead of decreasing the age of his wife like he expected. Therefore, if you just think blue feather, then it will manifest within a wide range of possibilities. However, if you focuse more, and concentrate on the exact details of the feather, and what exactly it will look like, the end result will reflect in that manner. Oh and I think parrot’s are almost completly covered in feathers, so the forehead would be made of blue feathers.

  6. Jim

    A few weeks ago at work, someone mentioned watching the DVD of What the Bleep Do We Know!? and was somewhat impressed by the idea presented, that we might create our own reality. I, usually skeptical of woo-woo New Age thinking, tore it apart, arguing that the comments of some of the physicists were taken out of context and that quantum physics DOES NOT imply that we can willfully control events in the world in that way.

    As I was ranting about New Age distortions of quantum theory, another coworker, X, walked over and mentioned that he had recently been listening to a podcast or reading a book or some such thing about this very subject. He said that the author was advocating such a belief, that through visualization and strong intent, we can bring things into our lives willfully. As evidence, the guy suggested that the listener visualize a blue feather and strongly desire to find one, and insisted that if this is done often throughout the course of a day or two with strong intent and a vivid visualization, that a blue feather would most suredly appear in some form. So, X said that he had tried it, and that a day or two after beginning the visualization, he stepped out of his truck to find a dead magpie with a pile of black and white feathers, and with one strikingly blue one sitting on top. “So,” he challenged,” what do you think of that?”

    I suggested that we probably encounter blue feathers more often than we think and that we will not consider them significant until we try such an exercise. In other words, we tend to find what we are looking for, without involving any mystical mumbo jumbo. I was applying Occam’s Razor.

    Well, I decided to try the exercise myself, just for fun. I set myself that evening to visualizing a blue feather. I pictured very clearly in my mind a medium length sky blue feather (not a dark or purplish one, to eliminate confusion with black iridescently blue feathers). I imagined it rotating in space against a black void. Most of the feather was in good shape, with a few splits here and there, and with some of that longer, fuzzy, downy stuff near the base of the shaft. I focused on this while preparing for bed.

    The next day at work, first thing, I powered up my laptop and started Adobe Photoshop CS2 to continue working on a particular newspaper ad and I was immediately struck by the blue feather that is the logo for this software. It looked to be about the right proportions, with a few splits here and there and some fuzzy, downy stuff near the base of the shaft. However, the base of the feather was a bit greenish.

    Anyway, I dismissed this. Of course, just as I had argued, to think this significant would be ascribing extraordinary significance to a thing that I see nearly every day! The only difference is that I am now looking for it.

    Several weeks passed.

    One evening after work, I was awaiting the arrival of X at my apartment. He was on his way to pick me up to attend a lecture about bridging the worlds of the arts and of science and mathematics, between the world of the external, objective, quantitative fact and the internal, subjective, qualitative experience.

    As I was awaiting his arrival, I was tidying up a bit so that he would not see the messy state of my apartment. I was putting books away on my bookshelf. As I was doing this, I was thinking that, for the sake of conversation and curiosity, I would ask him about where he encountered this idea of the blue feather, as I would like to hear what this author or podcaster had to say on the matter and just how far his claims went. It occurred to me then that he would ask if my blue feather had materialized and that I would have to say that nothing that I would consider significant had occurred.

    At that very moment, my eyes fell on the spine of a book that I read twelve years ago, the story of which I did not remember. It was Illusions, by Richard Bach. It occurred to me then that there was a feather on the cover of this book. It is nothing though, I thought, because the feather on the cover of Illusions is white. I could picture it in my mind. So I pulled the book out to verify this and there was almost exactly the feather that I had visualized, in all of its blue glory, on a black background (though with stars or sparkles). I was a bit shocked, to say the least, and was frantically running through possible explanations in my mind, trying to find an easy way to dismiss it.

    When X arrived, I told him what had happened. He was thrilled. I asked him if he had ever read the book. He said that he had attempted to read One, by the same author some years before, and that he thought it was weird and could not continue reading it. I mentioned that I too had started and failed to finish the same book. He also mentioned that he understood that Bach wrote much about flying. X is a pilot, and tried reading Bach for that reason. This sparked the memory that a character in Illusions was a pilot. I told X that Illusions is about flying and that he might like it. I told him that it was a fun, if somewhat childish little fable about a pilot who is a reluctant messiah (the words on the cover reminded me of the reluctant messiah bit). So, he asked to borrow it, and I handed it over.

    Later that evening, after the lecture was over and I was at home, I decided to search for “blue feather” to try to find mention of this on Google and did not come up with too much related material. I then stuck the same keywords in the image search and among then first few results was the very feather from Illusions. I clicked the link and here is what I found:

    As should be obvious here, I was shocked to learn that this very exercise was suggested in the book. I had completetly forgotten, at least consciously, what Illusions was about, and had forgotten particularly about this event in the novel. What I did remember was that there was some cloud dissolving being performed, as in The Fisher King. So, this blue feather idea led me, somehow or another to the book on my bookshelf that was the very source of this idea in the first place.

    X later informed me that he encountered the idea in this podcast.

  7. Brian

    I have read this book many times. I attracted my perfect blue feather. I have attracted a perfectlarge crystal in the shape of a diamond, “like a diamond cut for rings, only the size of a fist”.
    More importantly, I have dissolved clouds. Numerous times, large and small, in all differn’t situations.
    I have yet to make anything move through thought. But cloud dissolving does work, allthough it takes a long journey to finally grasp it. And yet still sometimes it will fail. Allthough I would say 75% I can do this, but only when clouds are independent of each other.

  8. Stan

    Well, it’s a little unfair experiment.
    The best would be to visualize something different for each one – like Bob is assigned to visualize a skunk, but Alice is assigned to visualize red truck.

    And then, should it matter how active life you are living? What if I strongly visualize a skunk the entire day, not leaving my cosy sofa? Just sitting there and waiting for skunk. I strongly doubt it will work out. :)

  9. BeetrootChessElf

    Enjoyed this. Tried the “blue feather” visualisation. Unlike trying to manifest something “serious” (like money!!), trying to manifest a blue feather proved lighthearted – and as a result of this, I was far more convinced that my visualisation would succeed. The playfulness and joy in the visualisation and the fact that I wasn’t in the least “needy” for the blue feather lent me faith. It is the necessary desire without attachment to results that many speak of.

    As I arrived at work within 48 hours of the visualisation I caught sight of a magpie and a distinctively dark oily-blue feather. I wasn’t too impressed by this as I’d been deliberately imagining a lighter shade of blue to avoid the “coincidence” of seeing the near-black feathers of a common bird.

    So I continued my visualisations and the next morning I saw two magpies, again from behind and caught the blue at the back of their necks. I still wasn’t accepting this and challenged the universe to do better in my continuing visualisations.

    The morning after that (this morning), I arrived at work. I wasn’t looking for magpies – they were out of my thoughts – and I didn’t see any in the place I had the previous two days. But I was extremely surprised – not to say shocked – to see a magpie with the same obvious blue feathered neck perched on the doorstep of my place of work.

    I have never before seen a bird on the doorstep!! (In fact, I’ve quite often seen a cat or two near the doorstep, so a bird is clearly unlikely).

    I decided this was more than acceptable. Nevertheless, later in the day I went into a part of my workplace I’ve never been before (for a seemingly arbitrary reason) and my eyes happened upon an imitation “Indian” headress of multi-coloured but mostly royal blue feathers. Very much the blue I’d hoped for in my original visualisations!

    Thank you very much for the podcast – I shall move on to the next show and work at my own pace. This has proved a wonderful personal demonstration that “detachment from results” coupled with desire can be very powerful.

  10. Kenneth

    Listened to your first show recently. And I am thrilled that I came across your podcast. It is exactly what I have been waiting for. Someone to point me in the right direction in my thinking and to teach me more. Thanks Pohaku!

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