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We had the honor of being interviewed by Paul Terry Walhus of about the Huna System. The show turned out to be a great overview of the system along with some practical tips that you can use right now.

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to the system
10:18 The core principles
14:40 The three selves
16:25 The four different levels of reality
17:43 How to talk to your car
20:35 Interpreting your world as a dream
25:48 Exercise: how to turn a bad situation in your life into a great one
26:30 How to objectively analyze your life
29:02 Why are we called
31:20 The technique of resonating or performing a “Jedi Mind Trick”
34:40 The origination of Huna and how popular it is in Hawaii
41:00 Examples of what Huna can do for your life
46:00 What the Huna system can do for you and how you can apply it.
48:00 Why are you listening right now and what special message is there here for you?
48:50 What is trying to accomplish professionally?
49:44 What is trying to accomplish on a universal spiritual level?
56:30’s strategy for Podcasting and how it will fit in with
1:00:02’s Podcasting plans and applications for the Tour De France
1:04:10 How can Huna help Terry with his plans?
1:04:50 Exercise: experience how your mind does not know any difference between imagination and reality.
1:10:00 Visualizing your reality while letting go at the same time.
1:12:00 Terry’s own visualization of the reality he wants to create
1:15:33 Using a “Jedi Mind Trick” of resonation on helping people enjoy Terry’s product.
1:18:20 Show closing.

Once again a super Mahalo Nui Loa to Terry for his time in leading an interview with us!

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