JediTrainer.Com #003 – Deep communication with your Ku (subconscious)

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Show overview: Establish a significant channel of communication with your Ku by using Symbolic Visualization (SV). Use SV bidirectionally, both to understand what your Ku is thinking as well as telling it what you want it to do. Show notes:

  • Pendulum opened the link and brought its existence into your awareness –
    this show will go in-depth to a whole new world.
  • A little more about the Ku:
    • Memory
    • Emotion
    • Body functions
    • Psychic transmitter & receptor
    • Automatic pilot
    • Pattern machine: e.g. time
    • Dreams/Symbols
  • Symbolic visualization (SV) is the way to listen and talk to the Ku
  • Exercise: Close your eyes and visualize: “Heat” – what do you see?
  • SV works both ways: watch/listen/feel the symbols to receive information and manipulate them back to send information
  • Exercise: relationship with someone – improve it
  • Exercise: insight of personal health – make it better
  • Exercise: bad memory – freeze to a piece of glass, shatter, then throw away
  • Homework: use the power of SV to gain insight on situations and manipulate those images to create positive change.
    • Ask your Ku to give you a vivid dream and change it.
    • Understand a habit you want to change and use SV to re-pattern it
    • Tune into a strong emotion and adjust it.
  • Bonus exercise: Tune in to time
    • Wake up a precisely the time you want with no alarm clock
    • Show up at an appt at precisely – to the minute – the time you’re supposed to based on feeling of when you should start getting ready to leave.
    • Indicates degree of communication w/ your Ku.
  • Next week: symbolic interpretation – dream symbols

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3 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #003 – Deep communication with your Ku (subconscious)

  1. Demitrius >I

    Great stuff, Pohaku! I just discovered you a few days ago and am now listening to your podcasts. I will tell all my buddies about your site. I will also practice this Pendulum method and see what happens. This teaching totally resonates with the teaching of “Conversations with God” books. You’d think after a few thousand years, we’d all get it!

  2. Randy

    Hi Pohaku,

    Great work! I came across your site last week; I’ve started working my way through all the podcasts. Yesterday I listened to this episode (#3), and last night I wound up having three incredibly intense dreams! I don’t recall ever having that many dreams of such emotion in one night. I just listened to #4 on dream interpretation, and got some interesting thoughts on my dreams. I’m looking forward to the rest of the podcasts.

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