JediTrainer.Com #004 – Enter the Dreamworld

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Opening up the Dream World and understanding its symbols whether for sleeping dreams, waking dreams, visualizations, or physical life itself.

  • Quick review of last week’s exercise.
  • What are dreams?
    • Communication through the Ku.
    • Future potentials.
    • Insights into physical health.
    • Assistance in understanding a tough situation
    • 1/3 of your life – don’t waste it!
  • The Ku uses symbols to communicate, so what do they mean?
  • Ask your Ku what the symbol represents.
  • Ask a dream symbol what it represents.
  • Create your own symbolic representations, e.g. numbers, dream symbol books
  • Examples of dream symbols:
    • Roads: Life’s path
    • Houses: Your self.
    • Nightmares: something very important your Ku is trying to communicate.
    • Teeth falling out: means death in one culture while just means "go to the Dentist" in another.
    • Wise person: superconscious self.
    • Lucid dreams, Flying dreams: advanced thinking.
  • Exercise: Recall a dream and ask what it means.
  • Homework: Instruct your Ku to help you remember a dream, then interpret it.
  • Bonus: Think about your physical world as a dream. Become aware of a peculiar event, and interpret the event as a dream to understand what it really means (this is your first entry into another level of reality – the dream world)

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3 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #004 – Enter the Dreamworld

  1. gLock

    Amazing Pohaku, I consider myselver a pragmatic. This all makes sense to me. During the “revelation” I was expecting a whole new person within myselve, and I must confess, that part is a bit weird. But the part bout driving home drunk, I can totally relate (not that I’m a drunk driver ;).

  2. Ellen

    Hi Pohaku, PhotoGirl14 here (Ellen). You are going to love this: 4 in the morning I am awakened and connot get back to sleep, remembering these VIVID dreams. I am groggily freaking out right now (in a good way). Most vivid part of my dream was flying over Swami’s with my lifelong best friend and seeing one surfer in the Hawaiian-like crystal clear blue-green water (as you probably know, in reality the water is not like that here in Encinitas) with a very friendly dolphin next to him. Maybe it was you sitting there on your surfboard? I ALWAYS can go back to sleep, but tongiht I couldn’t. So I get up and turn on my computer and look up dream symbol dolphin (Remember my issue of feeling like my Ku and Lono were in conflict? You wrote me back and gave me explanation clarifying this relationship. You are going to love this: To see a dolphin in your dream symbolizes spiritual guidance, your intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. Utilize your mind to its capacity and you will move upward in life. Alternatively, it suggests that a line of communication has been established between the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.
    Thanks, Pohaku. I’m going back to sleep now.

  3. Ellen

    Sorry for the long post, but this is totally freaking cool: To see calm, clear water in your dream, signifies that you are in tune with your spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation. I need this so badly right now, Pohaku, merci beaucoup and mahalo lui noa (sp?) for the teachings, you rock.

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