JediTrainer.Com #005 – Energizing techniques

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Energizing – yourself, things, thoughts

  • Review of previous show
  • Energy is an important component in creating reality.
  • Everyone exists at a certain, individual energy level and what you want to do is increase that energy level and keep it there.
  • The result is that creation happens faster, easier, more naturally.
  • Break
  • Exercises:
    • Rubbing hands together and feel a tingling.
    • Deep breathing – PikoPiko style.
    • Creation of the energy ball.
  • Create the energy ball with a thought inside and let it go.
  • Homework: Use the energy building techniques more often when doing your Huna exercises.
  • Bonus: Become aware of the flow of energy around people, places, things, e.g. feng shui.

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5 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #005 – Energizing techniques

  1. Joe

    Was listening to your podcast about finding the blue feather thinking to myself yea right a blue feather how often do i see one of those. anyways only minutes later I opened up I upgraded my adobe photoshop to version CS2 because I am a web designer and there it was a blue feather! the logo for CS2 is actually a blue feather. Anyways wanted to say great stuff keep it coming!

  2. Pohaku Post author


    That is so cool! You have just touched the essence of what makes this system so awesome: IT FRIGGIN WORKS.

    Love the comment! I’ll keep it cranking!

  3. jorge

    you are like fresh wather for my soul……..
    you are the best stuff in the internet
    muchas gracias
    i am from mexico…..monterrey mexico

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