JediTrainer.Com #010 – Listener comments

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A little sharing about my camping trip over the holiday weekend and we thank all the listeners that left comments and focus in on one comment left by Trent:

How do you strengthen the connection to your Ku? Maybe this comes from practice but so far I don’t seem to be getting very strong responses from my Ku. I’ve tried working with the pendulum but I’m not getting strong responses or sometimes no repsonses, or sometimes even multiple but conflicting responses.

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7 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #010 – Listener comments

  1. Jon

    Oh, man!
    Just listened to the “Listener Comments #010” show. I have wanted to ask you a question for a while now, and you almost answered it in this show. Please talk about music in your next show. The funny part is, you will already know my question, and I already know your answer. But please talk about it anyway, I think its very important.
    And you may have noticed that I haven’t done one of my shows in a while, as I am currently struggling with this issue.


  2. Trent

    Thanks, dude. At the time I made the comment I was having a lot of trouble just trying to find out from my Ku what I should call it. (Still haven’t settled on a name actually, but I think the choices are narrowing down.) I started trying to focus on simpler yes/no type questions about a week before your podcast and that seems to help. I also started trying to use the PikoPiko methods to gather energy before communicating with my Ku. I’ll keep working with it and see how things develop. Thanks for all your efforts and keep the podcasts coming.

  3. John

    Great show, Pohaku. Just was wondering what kind of microphone you are using for your podcast. It sounds really professional. Any info would be much appreciated.


  4. Pohaku Post author

    Aloha John,
    Thanks for the kind words. I notice 808 in your email address. Howzit brah!

    Actually the mic I use is nothing special. Long ago when we thought we were going to do karaoke, I bought a Shure 12a microphone and never used it, until now!



  5. smegster

    Please help me find your Skype address. I search on Pohaku and got a return, but thier is no information or voice mail? I not to great on hte net so, as you have been doing with other part of my life”a little help”
    Thanks Diggin the show..

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