JediTrainer.Com #013 – Change, Fear, and Learning

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This show gives you Huna-based answers to these questions:

  • What is the dynamic behind change, or the resistance to it?
  • How can you change yourself or help others change nearly instantly?
  • What is fear?
  • What makes it grow?
  • What can you do to make that which you fear disappear?
  • How can you learn something very quickly and effectively?

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3 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #013 – Change, Fear, and Learning

  1. John


    Please advise. I’ll still haven’t gottten a blue feather-not physically seeing one anyway like that web designer (yes, there is indeed a blue feather when Adobe Photoshop opens). I have dreamt about it, but I’m not sure if this qualifies as “having a blue feather come into my life.” I expected a physical/awake encounter with a blue feather. Maybe my expecatations are off. Maybe I’m trying too hard, or not hard enough. I want to see a blue feather and confirm that my thinking affects “all” of my reality. Kokua, please.


  2. Randy

    This is probably my favorite episode so far; I’ve listened to it 3 times this weekend (I’m still working my way through all the previous podcasts). There’s a lot of really good, practical information here that I’m looking forward to applying.

    One other note: this morning right after I woke up, I decided to begin my day by doing Piko Piko. While I was doing it, I remembered a number of dreams I had last night that I probably wouldn’t have remembered otherwise. I’m thinking about making this my normal routine after waking up. Thanks for all this great information!

  3. tom

    just listened to this podcast and it is really relevant to me right now. I have recently been hurt by a friend with a girl of mutual interest, I’ve forgiven him yet I have been harbouring a fear of loosing his friendship, this fear is unfounded because we are still organising our trip to Mt Fuji in september and still enjoy each others company. listening to this podcast made me realise how to deal with this fear and having a strong visualisation of him standing beside me on top of this mountain has made that fear into happiness, it is also compounded with a positive image of him and this girl happy together (they are now dating). When I realised that the bad emotion I have been feeling recently was due to my fear of loosing a friend and not anger at what happened, it all made sense. Thank you.

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