JediTrainer.Com #014 – Awakening Your Psychic Abilities

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  • Psychic abilities
    • Shapechanging – to become something
    • Harmonizing Influence – to align with and influence a vibration – person, place, thing.
    • Psychic communication – with anything
  • Practical usage
    • Shapechanging – assuming a role
      • When a role needs to be assumed – businessperson, daddy, family
      • Story of the cousins not recognizing me
      • Business associates not recognizing me in non-work
      • Expert roles – legends of shamans becoming other animals
    • Harmonizing influence – working with people
      • Sales, negotiation
      • Natural events – animals, plants, weather (the cloud game)
      • The Jedi Mind Trick
    • Psychic Communication: Understand something at a deep level
      • Why is a tree sick?
      • How’s the car doing?
      • How are the waves today?
      • Assisting with distant world events – natural catastrophes, riots, etc
      • Be a turtle
      • Channel – the spirit of marriage, the life of Jesus
      • Awareness in traffic – become the car and sense all around you
  • How-to
    • Tune, receive, and transmit
    • Tune in via the Ku by focusing on what you want to do
    • You will begin to see a dream. The dream is your control panel and TV set, a window to the other world that you can manipulate via a dream
    • Enter the spirit of that which you want to become
      • What’s the view?
      • What does it feel like?
      • Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell
    • Meditate on that until you feel you have become it.
    • Once you have become it, add mana and direct your will
  • Exercise – shapechange into a cat
    • Ask the ku to show you a cat
    • Enter the spirit of that cat
    • What’s the view out of that cat’s eyes?
    • How are you feeling like a cat?
    • Will the cat to do something under your direction
    • What does that feel like?
    • Let the dream take on its own life
    • What happens?
  • Harmonizing influence –
    • shapechange into that person,
    • feel what they feel,
    • understand what they understand,
    • and then your suggestions will be harmonized with a great potential to influence them
  • Psychic communication –
    • shapechange into that which you want to communicate.
    • Open a channel via the Ku
    • play close attention to what comes through the Ku
    • and also use that to communicate back
  • Homework: practice this on anything and get the hang of it.
  • Bonus: Make clouds disappear

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2 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #014 – Awakening Your Psychic Abilities

  1. Jon

    Great show man.
    Went on vacation last week, spent some time by a lake in the mountains, then a few days by the ocean. Made some clouds disappear; way cool, then I even put one back together, even cooler! Tried to shape change into the lake, but found it challenging as a lake is a very busy place under the surface! Successfully changed into a small bird and flew the valley and over the lake, very very cool thing to do! Talk about relaxing! Much deeper experience than I think I can put into words here. Now that I am back to work I will be harmonizing influence with my people. I will let you know how that goes.
    The ocean? Well let’s just say it spit me out like a watermelon seed.


  2. Double Rock :)

    Yesterday i listening to your show nº14,
    I tried the shape changing, and I did it with a tiger WoW. After I did it I started to feel some intensive chill on my spice and having a very strong sense of smell and every thing look in shades of yellow. It was a amazing experience. The chills are usual ?
    I have a question about shape changing with persons, are we not make some kind of privacy invasion when we do the shape changing with some one else? What are the moral implications of that?
    Thank U, I will keep on listening to your show!! Thank U for delivering this knowledge

    Ps. My Name as also a Rock meaning ;)

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