JediTrainer.Com #016 – Mastering Emotions

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  • Mahalo Everyone for a great June showing!
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  • Emotions are tied to muscular tension
  • Exercise: relax and try to get mad
  • Emotions are stored energy/memory that is released from a given stimulus
  • Relaxing during a high emotion tends to release it and might cause laughter
  • Break
  • Effective way to master emotion is to acknowledge it but do not identify and then analyze why you’re having it
  • Emotions create a tension and release cycle and you want to release it asap
  • Pohaku’s story about getting mad about mass email and bursting out in coldsores around the lips
  • Pohaku’s story getting stressed out and catching a cold
  • Going surfing and afterward can’t get freaked out no matter what
  • Summary:
    • Emotions get expressed within the body, typically as muscular tension
    • Stay relaxed and you’ll release it
    • Find other ways to release tension for your own health
    • Watch the body for important signs of stress.

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2 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #016 – Mastering Emotions

  1. tom

    this was a good show, the first one i listened to, later when i felt mad at something i questioned why and the reason was so silly that i got over it. I never thought about questioning emotions straight on and I’m a very emotional person.

    I’ve since downloaded other episodes and whilst I’m not too sure about somethings, there are other things I’ve done before (making an energy ball and using personal energy to put things into motion) I will listen to the other episodes though.

    keep up the good work. Podcasting is a great tool. and as for the public service announcements, keep me coming. advertising other companies would take away that element of thinking about important issues like blood donating and nature conservation.

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