JediTrainer.Com #017 – Dreamquest

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Disclaimer: This is not your typical show. That plus the fact that JediTrainer.Com is not your typical podcast to begin with will mean that this is a really, really different show (but don’t worry, it’s rated G).

First time listeners please don’t consider this show to be representative of the podcast. You may want to start with the previous show to warm up with us.

Regular listeners: I think you’re going to like it. Let me know what you think.

I recorded this show from my bed in a half-awake / half-dream state. I took one of the emails sent by a listener and went into a “DreamQuest” to help him/her.

We introduce you to the concepts of your God-Within: your Aumakua, and also Lono: your conscious mind.

For those that heard the show and came back, here’s the Hau tree I talked about.

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3 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #017 – Dreamquest

  1. Phil

    Aloha Pohaku!

    Thank you so much for your bedcast. I am very interested in your DreamQuest technique. I try for quite some time to build up a dream-room for me (but a dream-garden like yours sounds much better to me) but until now I was not able to do this. When I close my eyes, relax and try to enter a state between sleep and awake ness, the only thing I see is… black. I can try whatever I want but I am until now not able to see something when my eyes are closed. I tried to remember nice place where I have been before to see that picture with my eyes closed to have a kind of starting-point. But again… black. Other people tell me that they are able to see pictures, even whole films when they close their eyes and that they can move around in those scenes as in real life. I would like to work with this awaken dreams because I think that it is extremely powerful to create reality. Do you have an idea why I am not able to see something when I close my eyes?

    Aloha from Belgium,


  2. Sona


    Really great show, you’ve really opened my mind to things I have been thinking about for many years. I do have one question though about communication with my ku, I’ve been using the pendulum for about three days and my ku keeps telling me that I should move on to deeper communication, but each time I try, I feel like my lono is interfering in recieving symbols from my ku. So when I go back to using the pendulum, I don’t know what kind of questions to ask my ku, thanks

    – Sona

  3. mysticjourneys

    Aloha Pohaku!

    Thank you very, very much for all of your effort in sharing these life altering huna techniques with so many people. This kind of application in Podcasting is exciting!

    I have been working with dreamquesting for a number of years. It may sound wild to anyone not familiar with dreamquesting but I know first hand that it works. I have had many lucid dreams in theta states to help me solve problems that my “Lono” in the awaken beta state would not let me find. Not to blow any body away with this one… in dreamquesting my aka body has left my physical body to look around where I needed to visit. I have been able to remotely view and find lost objects in this state. Like you say Pohaku, the ku can not differentiate between the different states of awareness, (awakeness, dreaming, or the imagination). Mana flows within all of these states. To the ku all of life is a dream.

    Intention, mana, and trust open the veil of spirit (aumakua) for the seeker. Huna is ancient in that it uses the technologies that our ancestors used for survival and to consciously evolve. I’m sure we would not be here in the state we are now if it were not for the shamanic technology of the ancestors.

    Please continue with the experiments as they help illustrate huna in real life applications.

    All light, happiness, health, and success to you in Hawaii.

    Mahalo from the Central Coast of California,

    Dave (mysticjourneys)

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