JediTrainer.Com #018 – DreamQuest recap and listener comments

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We review the results of the previous show’s DreamQuest and as well as some excellent comments and questions regaring the Ku, such as:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Can the Ku see the future?
  • Do rocks and plants have a Ku?

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8 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #018 – DreamQuest recap and listener comments

  1. Trent

    So, if this is all just a framework to hang thoughts on, then what you’re saying is we have is a metaphysical hatrack. :-)

  2. Pohaku Post author

    Here’s what I’d like to believe makes this system different from others: We acknowledge it’s a just a system.

    But, so are all the others. So the question then becomes: what’s the most effective system?

    And that is truly the first and last word on any system: How well does it work for you?

    Tell me what you mean by metaphysical hatrack. I don’t undetstand.

  3. Alexander

    Short feedback on comment-reply

    Pohaku, I want to share with you the following:
    Some time ago, I asked the universe, what is beyond the mind. I searched for the secret I supposed to be beyond all the ideas in our mind we have from the things.
    I had almost forgotten the question, but as I listened to the part of your last podcast (#018) about systems, in which you answered my ‘furhter questions on Ku’, you relieved something in my mind, it stopped thinking, and I realised, that my expectation what is beyond mind is also an idea.
    I don’t expectate that freeing from ideas is going so deep. I made another step, sensing what it could be without ideas, which allways bound consciousness.
    (But is the attribute of conscious mind (luna?) to focus consciousness, isn’t it? – paradoxical)
    I’m not sure, what I should do with this experience.

    The universe is going strange ways indeed.
    But thank you for enlightenment!
    Alexander (the guy from germany … )

  4. Trent

    Nothing to understand. Just my attempt at humor. (Most people don’t get my humor.) A hatrack is used to hang hats on. You are saying huna is a framework to hang ideas on. The ideas are metaphysical. Put them together – metaphysical hatrack – a place to hang your metaphysical ideas. Yeah, lame, I know. That’s why I don’t do stand up for a living.

  5. Adam Tinkoff

    Heard your promo on Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code”! Way to go Pohaku. That will certainly get you lots of hits! (not the type that other Adam is into)

    Adam Tinkoff

  6. Jerry

    Hi Pohaku,

    This is Jerry Talandis, from Japan. Thanks so much for responding to my previous question about whether or not the ku can forsee the future. I really got a kick out of hearing directly from you. I hope some other listeners could benefit from this question. I’m a teacher by trade, so I know the value and importance of asking questions. I appreciate how seriously you take all responses and treat them with such loving kindness. That sort of acceptance just makes people want to write more! I’m loving this podcasting thing… It’s so personal and free of distractions.

    Anyway, your answer was right on and meshes with my intuition on the matter. Whether or not I get a better job, the fact that my subconscious mind believes I will fills me with peace. Now I can relax and get busy creating the future for my family and I that I really want! And if I get negative answers to questions in the future tense, then I won’t freak out about that- I can also relax because now I have a clear idea of where I need to put my thoughts and attention. It’s a win-win situation- either you get positive feedback of what you most want, or you reveal hidden obstacles and gain a a healing opportunity.

    Keep up the good work, and lets all send lots of healing dreams to London and all who suffer from great injustice!

  7. Aklo

    Greetings Na Papa Pohaku O Ka Honua,

    I love your podcast, it has enriched my reality and reafirmed that we are in control of everything that happens to us and in us.
    Just wondered how you view modern christianity? It confuses me to hear you say that you are orthodox christian. I would think that you most likely don’t follow the bible, as it’s been used as a tool of manipulation, by the church, to control it’s followers.

    thank you for all your help.


    ‘on the road of tomorrow, one arrives at the house of never’

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