JediTrainer.Com #019B – Death and passing on to the afterworld

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Well, here with go with another BIZARRE podcast. This one is a “bedcast” and was once again recorded in a dreamlike state right after I woke up.

It’s bizarre because I originally podcasted another show for this week, but it was not meant to be because as some of you pointed out, that show was 20 minutes of complete silence. Coincidence? I think not.

If you’re interested in learning about a different idea on death from one who helps those that have passed to move on to the afterworld, you’ll want to listen into this.

WARNING: This podcast will probably freak you out. It’s NOT suggested for first time listeners as they will think I’m suitable for hospitalization and heavy medication. But, if you do want to listen to a podcast you just won’t hear anywhere else (and will probably never hear again) tune in. It is rated G.



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8 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #019B – Death and passing on to the afterworld

  1. Josh Einstein

    Hey Po’. Very trippy. Death is one thing that scares me to… well… death. Mostly because I don’t really believe there’s anything on the other side. When I think of death, I think of eternity the same way it was before I was born — without any awareness or existence. I really hope I am wrong, and if I am, I hope I’ve lived a good enough life that I won’t regret it.

  2. Kevin23

    Pohaku and everybody-

    I’ve caught up on all the shows but I have some feedback regarding show #1.

    First, it’s been over 48 hours and I wouldn’t exactly say I have seen my blue feather. The closest I got was that I just now noticed the feather on the photoshop icon has a hint of blue in it. I may try it again, perhaps with a different object.

    Second, as I was lamenting an unsuccessful exercise earlier in the evening I decided to google the name that my ku had given me. I should stress that my ku gave this name to me because for most of a day I was asking and many names had been floating around, but nothing stuck until this one popped in, and I immediately knew it was the one. “Umwelt”. Definitely not a word I was familiar with (I thought).

    So tonight when I read the definitions of “umwelt” and the “umwelt” entry in, my brain practically melted. I don’t even know where to begin to interpret this, but it has completely blown me away. In addition, “umwelt” is a German word. My family heritage is German.

    So that part was a huge success.. I’m still sort of freaking out about it.

    My other feedback is more general, in relation to the Huna system. It’s the concept of Model Agnosticism. Pohaku, you’ve been around, I’m sure you’ve heard the term. Basically it means that you have accepted that there is no “one true reality”, but only models of reality (you have covered this on the show). Those who consider themselves model agnostics (I would put myself among them) are generally inclined to sample as many models of reality as possible, like quantum physics, eastern mysticism, or, of course, Huna.

    I have much much more feedback but I’ll save it for another time. I’m very happy to have found this show, many thanks to Pohaku for his time, effort and passion.

  3. Pohaku Post author


    Wow, for your Ku to choose “umwelt” is extremely significant and I’ll leave it up to you to dig for the inner meaning of why you got that.

    As for the blue feather, it’s up to you to decide how successful it was. You can always decide to create something extremely significant so long as you are willing to put in the energy required to do so.

    Finally, mahalo nui for introducing me to the term “Model Agnosticism”. If a Model Agnostic can also be an Orthodox Christian, then I can see where you might apply that term to Huna. If I look up the definition of “Agnostic” in Wikipedia, it seems to me it’s more of a “I don’t believe in anything either way” kind of a definition which I would say does not fit Huna.

    Welcome to the Ohana (family). We really needed someone with your analytical ability and I’m looking forward to the continued exchange!

    Mahalo Nui!


  4. kevin


    As I interpret “model agnosticism”, it does not disallow faith in models of the universe, whether it is theoretical physics or Christianity or Huna.

    The author Robert Anton Wilson explains it well:

    “[Model Agnosticism] refuses total belief or total denial and regards models as tools to be used only and always where appropriate and replaced (by other models) only and always where not appropriate. It does not regard any models, or any class of models, as more “profound” than any other models, or any class of models but asks only how a model serves, or fails to serve, those who use it.”

    That’s a bit of a dry explanation, but it seems to describe your attitude towards Huna fairly well.

    Feedback for show 19B. Interesting sequence of events leading to show 19B. I remember wondering how a blank mp3 would slip by you, since I know you take great care in producing the show. I really enjoy the DreamQuest episodes, I hope you’ll keep doing them, and who knows what might happen now that you are aware of a potential audience.

    Your vision of your death was startling because it reminded me of a very similar vision that I had of what I believed was my own death. I haven’t had it since I was 5 or 6, but I do remember that it eased any apprehension of death that I may have had. Today I’ve replaced that with some fear of death for friends and especially family.

    Glad to be part of the Ohana, thanks! Yours is one of those shows I really wish I had discovered early on, but catching up on everything made for a really interesting weekend.

    Mahalo Nui to you.


  5. Pohaku Post author

    Aloha Kevin,

    That is indeed a very precise explanation of model agnosticism and does fit entirely with Huna. I think they chose the wrong words but hey, who am I to judge. So, yes, consider Huna to be compatible with model agnosticism! :)

    Thanks for the feedback on the DreamQuests…they are pretty bizarre to share but so far everyone’s feedback has been good so I’ll keep doing them!

  6. Josh

    I have just started listening to your Podcasts, and have a question. It came to me after listening to show 5, so I’m not exactly under which to leave the comment under. Anyways.

    Is it possible that since reality is what we make of it, to recall a person from our distant past to meet them again in our present life? The person that popped into mind should still be alive, but I know of no good way to re-contact them.

    Now, onto other comments. I thought about the blue feather, and the next day I was called out to work at a place I had worked once before that houses pigeons. I saw one while I was there, but it didn’t occur to me until after I left what color it might have been. I want to say grey with maybe a hint of blue, but I can’t be sure.

    When I listened to show 3, I didn’t really grasp any symbols from my Ku, but instead mainly just saw the color red when you said heat. I’m not sure how significant that is because after black/dark, it seems to be the color I see mostly whenever I close my eyes.

    And the last thing I can think to ask about right now would be some sort of stand point on drugs in general. When you asked what energy symbol I got (a coffee cup), but because my mind has been so manic lately at night, I’ve been drinking more than I used to quiet it enough to sleep. Well, that and surfing the web, which is how I came upon this website, searching for philosophy Podcasts. I know there has to be something more out there to latch on to, some new ‘belief’ system or another to replace the one I had. (It got destroyed) So, I’ll just leave it at that until my thoughts become a little more coherent.

  7. Pohaku Post author

    1. If the person you want to find again is still alive, it’s pretty easy to get a hold of them. just do it! If they had already passed it would be a little different, but not impossible.

    2. Colors are fine images.

    3. Drugs: Apply the same, fundamental Huna principle: do they work? are they effective? Are they helping you? Are they harming you?

  8. kevin

    Josh wrote:

    “I know there has to be something more out there to latch on to, some new ‘belief’ system or another to replace the one I had. (It got destroyed) So, I’ll just leave it at that until my thoughts become a little more coherent.”

    I’m no Pohaku, but as I understand it, Huna is a combination of (among other things?): a model of the universe as we know it, and a system developed to deal with that universe. Since it doesn’t require beliefs and truisms the way some religions do, you are free to have it complement other systems/models you might be investigating. Huna resonates very well with modern principles of thought and seems to be a great starting point for anyone seeking spirituality in the 21st century.

    Interpretation for my blue feather: While I thought that finding it in the Adobe Photoshop icon was a bit lame, I’ve thought about it and realized that I am now staring at my blue feather each and every day, as I use the program for work and for fun projects. Talk about a daily reminder….


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