JediTrainer.Com #020 – The psychic network is born and powerful experiences are shared.

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  • 2:25 Thank you so much!
  • 2:45 Thanks to New Tide Group for the new graphic!
  • 3:31 We’ve got a bulletin board on the Web site!
  • 4:37 We are going to connect to each other on a psychic level via the BBS
  • 5:05 Special instructions for choosing the right name you will use on the BBS. IMPORTANT!
  • 7:07 Closing the loop with Satsuma’s reply to the first dreamquest show #17
  • 9:30 Blue feature experiences. Others are getting the blue feather too!
  • 9:40 Carrie’s blue feather: how do you get out of your own way?
  • 10:45 Glenn’s blue feather. Manifesting Red feathers too.
  • 11:27 Why did this come so much easier than I had thought?
  • 12:40 Adam Tinkoff’s blue feather experience and his site at
  • 13:47 David from Mexico’s blue feather. He finds out how easy it is to talk with his Ku via the pendulum.
  • 14:55 Are your Ku’s responses valid even if you feel you’re making them up?
  • 15:49 Phillip’s blue feather – did not get one yet. What should you do?
  • 16:32 Thanking everyone for sending wonderful compliments.
  • 17:17 Review of show #19B from the listener who is was meant for.
  • 17:55 Reading Jerry’s email.
  • 19:20 Joel shares his similar experience (via audio) of talking to those that have passed on. VERY INTERESTING TO LISTEN TO.
  • 22:05 Explanation of what’s happening when a dream connects you to those that have passed on.
  • 24:20 Rene shares her story related to dealing with her fear of crowds.
  • 26:15 Pohaku interprets Rene’s experience as a dream.
  • 27:00 Craig shares his experience with shapeshifting into a cat.
  • 28:30 Jason shares his experience of shapeshifting into a dolphin and getting his blue feather.
  • 29:12 Martin shares his experience with his Ku watching out for him by hallucinating away a boarding pass.
  • 31:12 Martin shares his experience about training his kids to synchronize with time, to the minute, as well as his other experience in syncing with time.
  • 32:50 Alex shares his blue feather story: he gets a message from his Ku and then gets the feather in a few hours.
  • 35:05 Alex brings up an important issue about talking with things vs. becoming things. Is it OK to become something?
  • 37:00 Pohaku talks about the universal self-defense mechanism that prohibits psychic things from happening against your will.
  • 38:25 Michael shares his experience about feeling his brother’s death in his dream and asks about nightmares.
  • 40:05 What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?
  • 41:00 Pohaku interprets Michael’s experiences and talks about dream symbols.
  • 41:50 What do nightmares mean? Why do we get them?
  • 42:42 What should you do if you get a dream that you just can’t decipher or understand?
  • 43:55 Kevin shares his experience about the name his Ku gave him the name “Umwelt”.
  • 45:40 Pohaku reads the wikipedia definition of Umwelt.
  • 47:05 Travis shares his cloud disappearing, blue feather, and red feather experiences.
  • 48:25 Jon at shares his shapeshifting experiences.
  • 50:00 Where to go to learn more about Huna (use the links on the site!).
  • 50:55 More information on a Hawaii spiritual trek/trip.
  • 52:00 Explanation of the jump in numbers on the show. (Answer, we just changed our numbering scheme but all the shows are there).
  • 53:00 Creation of a shamanic journey that all listeners will take together.
  • 54:40 We will meet at Halawa via a psychic connection.
  • 55:30 Pohaku’s final wish: vote for us on Podcast Alley.
  • 55:50 Why do we want to be in the top fifty podcasts?
  • 56:05 Join our community!

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3 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #020 – The psychic network is born and powerful experiences are shared.

  1. Josh

    Hello, I have an odd question before signing up to post on the BBS, which I’m sure there’s a simple explaination for. If we were not supposed to share the name of our Ku (as instructed in Episode 2 – Take the Red Pill), then why are we supposed to use it on the BBS?

  2. Pohaku Post author


    You don’t want to share the name of your Ku with those that won’t understand what you’re trying to do.

    However, when you’re with a group of others that share the same system of beliefs as you, you can reasonably trust that your Ku will be respected and honored.

    So, it’s safe :)

  3. Pohaku Post author

    One more thing: your Ku on the BBS does not reveal your “real” identity. So outsiders who may know your “real” identity can’t make the connection.

    This makes the BBS a safe place to learn & share with others.

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