JediTrainer.Com #021 – Get to know your garden dreamworld

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  • An incredible week
    • 39 users went through registration and collectively posted over 454 articles.
    • Podcasting has been re-invented to "Boardcasting" with a "Podience". 11 podcasts in one week.
    • We have clearly begun to connect with each other on a level that has simply never been done before in modern human history: people who have never met each other in person from different countries around the world are collecting in a psychic global mind that spans time and space.
    • JediTrainer got into the Top 50 in podcast alley for the very first time. Number 48 as of this podcast and #2 in our category.
    • We’re making plans to launch a non-profit organization with a business model to share wealth with all who choose to participate while at the same time transforming the planet with positive products.
  • Incredible stories from Podcast Alley Comments
    • chrislogan – purple toe, you must share on the BBS!
    • Dlhuerta " Greatest podcast on Earth"
    • xtomasz " Listen to Pohaku and visit the shamanic community. The world is about to change. You dont have to belive me , just download mp3 and…… something will change or happen. Aloha Shadow"
  • Incredible emails
    • Dear Pohaku,

      I’m 16, in the UK. This year has been a very complex one for me, as I’ve had to embark on my important end-of-school exams, and its been a great time of change and decision within my life and my family’s life. I found it very difficult and a time of weakness, and I found myself searching for some kind of Truth or Spritual Security… but I couldn’t find one. Until, on iTunes I ran into the podcast. For the first time in all my searchings for some kind of Truth had I found a system of thought and living which actually proved itself to me.

      I’ve been going back over the lessons, and I simply want to thank you for bringing these podcasts to me. They were exactly what I was looking for at exactly the right time, as they’ve brought me hope for the future as I now know that I have the power to sort out my future for myself, and now that I’ve established a connection with my Ku, I feel like I’ve filled in some kind of gap that was missing within me before. And most importantly of all, I’m so much happier!

      Thank you Pohaku, for bringing this knowledge to the world out of your own good will. It really helps.

      Samantha K.
      Warrington, UK.

  • Incredible Postings on the BBS
    • Alister: We are entering a new paradigm, one that will elevate the consciousness of numberous people from all over the world. The fact that we are the first community to create our own podcast, will certainly create a buzz. Exciting.
    • I really feel that a new consciousness is about occurring. We are collectively raising the vibration level, and simultaneously sending a tsunami of white light rippling through the universe. These are good times…
  • Boardcasts to the podience
  • Garden
    • Structured dreamworld that given sufficient use and training, becomes your launchpad for all shamanic activities
    • "Airlock", "Transition zone", "gateway"
    • To other worlds, places, things, people
    • Garden walkthrough
      • Piko-Piko
      • Close eyes and walk through a trail . This trail will lead to to an opening which is your garden. Ask your Ku to show you the garden as an opening in your trail and walk into your garden.
      • What does it look like?
        • Stream? Ocean? Waterfall?
        • Mountain, valley
        • Flowers? Trees? Animals?
        • Smell? Feel? Hear?
      • Ask your mind to bring something in the garden that represents something you’d like to improve, whether it’s health, relationships, wealth, school, family, spouse.
        • What do you see? Tree? Plant? Rock? Weeds?Animal?
        • What does it look like? What state is it in?
      • Now let’s make it better – do something that will alter and improve the image
      • You’re directly telling your Ku, using its own symbols, what to improve.
      • This is SUPERIOR to having to figure it out. You don’t need to figure it out any more than you need to figure out what muscles and tendons to control in order to walk and talk.
      • Lets get some expert help. Ask for an expert in this field to appear.
      • Ask them for advice on what will be needed to improve the image. Do not let them give you orders or tell you what you should do. You are always in charge and they only offer advice that you can decide to accept or not. If you start getting orders and commands then your Conscious mind is getting in the way and distorting things.
      • Bring in helpers, tools, other people, superheroes, lightsabers, anything.
      • Improve the image until you feel a positive emotion.
      • Take a quick look at your garden and give it a quick tidy up.
      • Find the trail you used to get here from the physical world and walk on it to get back.
      • When you feel ready, take a deep breath and open your eyes.
  • Other garden ideas
    • Ask to see, and help other people, personal health, events, things, places, entities.
    • Remember, you can only affect anything to the degree that it might go anyway.
    • Similar to the ability of a salesperson to sell. They can only sell you something that you want anyway.

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2 thoughts on “JediTrainer.Com #021 – Get to know your garden dreamworld

  1. Ghostrider

    Howdy All,

    Just came across JediTrainer.Com yesterday and look forward to the lessons and discussions. I hope y’all don’t mind my sharing a bit of my experiences. I listened to the Garden Dreamworld before realizing I should have started at the other end. However, I had no problems entering the Garden as this is where I meet my Animal Totems and where I go when I need to escape the “real world” and refocus.

    I am uncertain how Animal Totems fit within the Huna System, but suspect they are probably related to the concept of Ku. I have 2 Totems, a she-wolf named Simbala and a white, winged stallion (I believe his name is Aegis but he hasn’t confirmed this at this point, but then he’s rather mischievious). Simbala is a Gambian name meaning “one who takes refuge in God”, although I don’t believe it’s referring to the Christian God (at least in my case). She is manifest (or so I believe) in my wonderful four-legged little girl, Amanda Jean, who kept me from doing something really stupid and helped bring me back from the edge.

    Simbala is the protector and the voice of calm reason, the serious and cautious (sometimes, too cautious) thinker. The stallion is more representative of the traveller and seeker in me as well as my more mischievious side.

    My Garden is actually an open space in the mountains and surrounded by pines. It is a wild, natural place that changes with the seasons, not a well-tended structured garden, but it totally suits me as I find such places peaceful and calming. There is a problem that I’m dealing with, bonds I’m needing to break in order to solidify others. As it’s deeply personal I won’t go into details (besides, this is already long enough).

    I look forward to learning more about the Huna system and becoming more in touch with my inner self.

    All y’all have a good ‘un.


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