JediTrainer.Com #022 – Meetup in another dimension at Halawa

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We’re going to take a trip to Halawa: a world existing in another dimension where we meet and help each other.

Transforming lives. It started out as something I just wanted to do and now it’s become something that’s changing people’s lives. We are starting up a global non-profit network that is taking an Open Source approach to documenting a universal ancient knowledge and will use P2P technology to maintain a tight connection between all its members.

Podcast Alley Comment of the Week: GlenParis:

this show is a must for anyone wishing to unlock the full potential of their minds and become who they would like to be. Truly inspirational.

Forum Update: almost 1000 messages, over 70 members

Quote from Adrenal:

This is why the internet was invented. Topics which may be laughed at outside can be realised and embraced for the brilliance they are

Must listen to NewTide’s Blue Feather experience.

Email Quote of the Week: Samson:

Just started listening to your podcast. Very cool and the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” deffinitly applies. I thought the blue feather excercise was a little odd until, this morning less then 20 hrs from listening to lesson 1, I was cleaning my tools for work and looked down and there was my blue feather lying right in front of me. Wow, my whole perception of life changed today, thank you for that. I look forward to finding more than just blue feathers in my life.

Mahalo Nui to Umwelt for the awesome cover art and its discussion online.

  • Introduction to Halawa
    • It is a meeting place for all listeners of the podcast.
    • It will be our place to help each other, and to gather our power in order to heal what the Earth needs to be healed.
    • It doesn’t exist in a physical world and therefore is not subject to the limitations of time and space. You don’t need to coordinate to meet there “at the same time”. Although you could coordinate time if you wanted to more strongly impress your Ku. I would say to free yourself from time limitations.
    • If you want a more powerful connection, I suggest you join the BBS, our Kummunity. Why? Because we’re all posting our Ku names and this creates a psychic bond that makes it much easier to connect to.
    • If you’d like an image of Halawa, I have a link to a killer photo, suitable for desktop wallpaper.
    • Wer’e going to go through an introductory exercise and we’ll use the BBS to coordinate more targeted meetups for specific purposes.
  • Lets visit Halawa
    • We’re going to help someone, receive help, leave a gift, and receive a gift.
    • First, think of something you need to learn or know or need help with.
    • Piko Piko
    • Follow the trail that leads to your garden
    • Has it changed? Does it need a little bit of maintenance.
    • We’re going to need a transport to get to Halawa. Ask your Ku to produce a transport image for you. Something that can safely take you to a far off place.
    • Could be a canoe, boat, car, plane, spaceship or anything
    • Ask your Ku to produce an expert guide/driver that can take you to Halawa
    • What does he/she look like?
    • Get in the transport along with the driver and ask them to take you to Halawa where listeners will be.
    • Feel the journey. What’s it like?
  • Arrive at Halawa, get out of your transport, give the driver a blessing, and see the transport leave.
    • Look around Halawa. How is it different from your garden?
    • Lets help someone. Will yourself to come into contact with someone that needs your help. Walk around until you find them. You can only come into contact with those that you have the power to help.
    • Ask them what they need help with. Help them by either giving them advice or helping them fix something that you can see. Don’t hesitate to call in your helpers.
    • Now think about what you wanted help or advice with and will yourself to come into contact with someone who can help you.
    • Who shows up? Ask for their help.
    • What’s the answer?
    • Lets leave a gift for Halawa. Ask yourself what kind of a gift would be best to leave, create the gift, and go to a special place and leave it there.
    • There is a gift waiting for you at Halawa as well. Look again right next to where you left your gift and you will notice a gift for you as well. Take the gift and give a final thanks to Halawa and the entire experience.
  • Call back your transport and driver.
    • Get in and ask them to take you back to your garden.
    • Get out of the transport, give them a blessing and wave goodby.
    • Follow the trail that leads back to the physical world.
    • Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

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