JediTrainer.Com #023 – Catch our breath and get back to basics

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  • Pohaku got a cold this week, why?
  • Pay attention to signs: email from Robert, some “I’m not exactly getting it” posts, confirmed by pillars like Satsuma: that plus cold: take it easy.
  • Instead of astral projection into other dimensions, guiding dead spirits to their afterlife, and psychically meeting in another world, we’re going to do some exercises to get your mind power into shape.
  • Huge credit goes to Serge King and the book Imagineering for Health – linked off the site
  • Rope tying exercise: sit down on the floor with a string or rope in your hand. Tie the rope in your lap. Then go back and visualize the exact same thing, from the exact same visual perspective. Now change it. Make the rope bigger. Make it suspend itself in air. Tie more complex knots. Climb the rope.
  • Touch your toes: 1st thing in the morning, bend over while keeping your legs straight and see how far you can touch the floor – hands, knuckles, palms? Then stand up straight, visualize limber, flexible body, and do the exercise again. This technique builds a strong Ku-to-body-to-you connection
  • Change your physical world: Petra or Sona also had this technique about using the garden techniques applied to the real world. Example: add paintings on a blank wall. Create statues in the middle of the floor. Wipe graffiti off the walls. Advanced: change the clothes people are wearing
  • For those that can’t see: recall dreams. Recall real life memories. Try the rope exercise both physical and imagined. Use the physical world as a crutch to get you to the imagination world and then do the previous exercises.
  • Homework: Practice!
  • Super Advanced: visualize something and have a sensitive person see it.

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