JediTrainer.Com #024 – A day in the life of a shaman

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  • Shows 1-23 provide so many tools that you’re placed at a very high level of expertise
    • Luniamr “Amazing podcast” worth listening to, people pay 100s of dollars for what is shared so abundently and freely here,
    • Just review them from time to time to get a refresher course
    • We need to make the transition now between tools and applications.
    • Think of it like chess. It takes less than an hour to learn the moves but a lifetime to master the game.
    • If you’ve done 1-23, I can tell you that you’ve learned the moves.
    • Now we’re going to master the game
    • And mastery of the game is mastery of your life
  • Satsuma gave a great suggestion – “a day in the life”
  • A day in the life is a day of understanding how the world is a reflection of your thinking
    • Essentially existing at 3rd level – dream world where everything is a reflection of you.
    • 1st level – physical world
    • 2nd level – psychic world – everthing is responsive
    • 4th level – holistic – everything is perfect
    • It’s nearly impossible to accurately identify your own flaws, especially the big ones. But it’s pretty easy to identify experiences that you don’t like.The experiences you dislike the most are the aspects of yourself that need the most work.
    • Interpreting at 3rd level is extremely empowering. When you believe the world happens to you, you are powerless and constantly seek more power in order to overcome. When you believe you create your world, you’re immediately empowered to make the changes you believe in.
    • Exercise – think of the most miniscule thing that happened to you yesterday. Ideally it’s a “not positive” thing.
    • Replay the event and apply dream interpretation techniques to it. What does this dream represent? How is it a reflection of you?
    • Here is your lifelong exercise/quest:
      • Identify everything in your life that you want to change.
      • Understand how it is a reflection of your thinking
      • Change your thinking
      • See your life change as a result
      • Repeat until you’ve changed to the degree you wish.
  • Exercise for this week: immediately identify the smallest possible experience (e.g. tripping on the carpet) and interpret it as a reflection of you and your life. Do this as much as you can for as many different things.
  • Advanced Exercise: Identify the part of you that needs the biggest change (hint, it’s the worst of your current experiences) and understand what part of your thinking has created it. You’ll know you’ve "got it" when you get a huge "ah ha" feeling

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