JediTrainer.Com #026 – Welcoming Difficulties

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  • Overview
    • Any meaningful change representing a significant departure from your previous patterns will almost always be followed by some quick victories and then difficulties. The degree of difficulties will be proportional to the amount of change you are making.
    • The Huna way is to welcome these difficulties, understand the choices they bring to you and what those represent, and make the right choice with absolutely no fear, and then never look back.
  • What’s going on?
    • Big changes imply significant repatterning
    • Patterns only get activated by external stimulus
    • All of the patterns that need changing are usually never activated at the moment your lono creates the new direction, but the Ku has recorded the order to change and attempts to comply
    • As the various stimuli come in that activate patterns that need changing, the Ku needs direction from Lono on what to do.
    • Problems, difficulties, issues, trauma and drama are all symptoms of the Ku bringing up issue it’s unclear on how to act on based on your new direction
    • These problems will have a very distinct characteristic: they will present themselves as a problem where one choice represents the old pattern and the other choice represents the new.
    • The choice you take will strengthen one pattern and weaken the other.
    • The right choice of course is the one that represents what you want.
    • You may need to do this again and again. Making change is like digging a hole. You keep digging until you’re done.
  • The ship analogy
    • The lono is the captain of the ship.
    • The Ku is the ship and its entire crew, everyone but the captain.
    • When the captain gives an order to “change”, the crew wants to comply
    • But they don’t always know precisely what the captain wants, so they ask him.
    • And what the captain does at that moment either trains them on the new way, or reinforces that the old way is OK.
    • Everyone is the captain of their own ship. The only difference between a Huna practioner and others is that we know we’re the captain.
  • Exercise
    • Interpret you difficulties as your Ku’s way of asking for direction.
    • The bigger the difficulty, the more significant the impact of your decision.
    • Big problems mean great things can come!
    • Find the choices the difficulty is presenting and understand which one represents the old vs. new.
    • Make the choice you want and make a note of the resulting change in your life.

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