JediTrainer.Com #027 – Huna applied to relationships

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  • Relationships
  • One of the fundamental tools in building/maintaining/improving a relationship, especially a spousal-type, is to understand that every situation, especially the difficult ones, is a reflection of the two of you.
  • The magic question: how are we creating the problem that we’re experiencing.
  • This puts you on the path to finding the solution together as well as accepting mutual responsibility for the current condition.
  • Why are the two of your completely responsible for every problem in your relationship? Simply put: you wouldn’t be having these problems if you weren’t together!
  • Both of you would still have problems, but they would not be the ones you are having now.
  • Those problems are exclusively the creation of the two of you and therefore so are the solutions.
  • Dealing with difficult, emotionally charged situations
    • Keep your own emotions very positive and helpful.
    • Envelope the other person in white light
    • As you go through the discussions, stay focused on helping, healing, and white light for the other person.
    • Don’t let yourself get into defense or offense mode.

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