J—Trainer.Com #028 – Your Power is NOW

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  • The fourth principle of Huna states, “The Moment of Power is Now”.
  • No power over the past
  • No power over the future
  • The only time you have power is RIGHT NOW.
  • Applications
  • Got money problems? What are you going to do about it RIGHT NOW
    • Don’t dwell on all the mistakes you made in the past
    • Don’t freak out about what might happen in the future if you don’t fix things up.
    • Figure out what you need to do right now and, most importantly, do it.
  • Got relationship problems? What are you going to do it RIGHT NOW
    • Don’t focus on all the bad things that you did to each other
    • Don’t second guess what might happen tommorrow based on today’s actions.
    • Figure out what you need to do right now and, most importantly, do it.
  • Dealing with a loved one’s illness?
    • Don’t overanalyze what might happen in the future.
    • Treasure the current moment you have right now with this person and have no expectations for the future?
    • Was today a good day? Great! Savor it!
    • Was today a bad day? Let it be but don’t carry it into tomorrow
  • Did you score a victory today?
    • Fully enjoy the moment, right now, completely, with no expectations for tomorrow.
    • Don’t feel “jinx guilt” for tomorrow.
    • Don’t worry about whether this victory will last forever, because it won’t anyway!
    • Give yourself permission to fully enjoy and savor the victory right now.
  • Having a terrible time right now?
    • Experience it only in the moment.
    • Don’t assume it will go on forever
    • Allow it to pass
  • Exercise
    • Become aware of how many times you rob yourself of power by trying to fix the past or control the future, neither of which you can do.
    • Catch yourself, then immediately turn your power on, in the present moment, and do something physical RIGHT NOW.
    • Feel the power!
  • Advanced Exercise
    • Help someone else understand this. Help “snap them out of it”.

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