Jedi(Huna)Trainer.Com #029 – Focusing your thoughts

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  • Big ideas we’re going to cover today:
    • Based on 3rd principle which states “Energy flows where attention goes”
    • Energy typically increases whatever it’s focused at
    • Ku doesn’t understand “not”
  • Talking about “focus” is the domain of Lono
  • Talked about Ku a lot, today we talk about Lono
  • Lono’s function is to make decisions, and focus conscious awareness.
  • If you want more of something, think more about it.
  • If you want less of something, think less about it.
  • Thinking about NOT something = thinking more about it.
    • “not sick”
    • “not fat”
    • “not poor”
  • The concept of “not” is an illusion created by man. There is no such thing in nature as “Not” and therefore it cannot be comprehended by Ku
  • Great technique to get what you want
    • Ask a question: “what is it that I need to do right now in order to get X”
    • Stay focused on the question
    • Wait for the answers and write them down
    • Start doing it, NOW
  • Instead of focusing on the fact that you really hate your job, ask yourself what is your ultimate job.
  • Instead of focusing the fact that you don’t want to be fat, ask yourself what you need to do in order to be slim.
  • Instead of focusing on what lousy relationship you’re in, focus on what you need to do to make your relationship great.
  • Instead of thinking about why sales can’t be made, focus on what you need to do to make sales.
  • One of the big problems w/ government is that they spend a ton of time on the problem, not the solution.
  • Tons of televised investigations, but how many televised brainstorms on the solution?
  • Lono is what separates us from animals: our ability to focus our attention aside from what Ku might want to do.
  • One reason why fasting is such a vital part of many religions is because it exercises Lono actions – Ku wants to eat but Lono says no.
  • Logical break to PSA
  • Exercise
    • Crystal – Focus your mind on the crystal, and point it to your hand – you will feel heat.
    • Optical illusion – good demonstration of changing focus. Thanks photogirl14!
    • Look where want to walk and you’ll never bump into anyone again
    • 3d images
  • Homework
    • Catch your thinking this week and use your Lono to refocus it on more productive thinking
  • Advanced Homework
    • Catch someone elses thinking and help them refocus their mind on better solutions.
  • The Hawaii Trip is gonna be a-happening next year 2006 so get ready!

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  1. John Grant

    Hi, I emailed you probably a year ago when I first started listening to your podcasts. I was a fiddler from Scotland. Well, what do you know, my life has changed big style for the better. Out of the blue (feather) I was asked to play my fiddle for a band that I used to go to listen to as a teenager. They are playing to large crowds and we are in the process of recording a new album, which I think it amazing. So, as a thanks, here is me with The Termites – (called “Somebody’s gonna pay”).

    Thanks again.

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