HunaTrainer.Com 030 – All power comes from within

Why is it that you don’t have the things you want in your life?

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  • We all have things that are “missing” from our lives. Things we want to have, like love, health, money, career, relationships, home, car, toys
  • Why is it that you don’t have it? What are the reasons you give?
  • Is it an external reason or internal reason? E.g. I can’t enjoy time with my kids because my job requires too many hours, is an external reason, and I have high confidence that in this case you’ll probably never reduce those hours.
  • Why? Because the problem has been defined as a power outside of ourself.
  • But, where does power really lie? Outside? Or Inside? Of course, you already know the answer, and this week we talk about the idea that all power comes from within.
  • BBS Happenings
  • Topic discussion
  • Very difficult topic to fully realize because it’s so ingrained in our society – our government loves the blame game!
  • Was the hardest podcast to plan for so far
  • Ask yourself how many times you look to the outside for the cause or the solution
    • Spouse – relationship
    • Job – money
    • Government – Everything!
    • Foods you eat – Health
    • Weather – enjoyment
  • When you place the cause or blame on an outside entity, you give up power.
  • You don’t have the power over those things.
  • In fact, you don’t have power over anything, except one thing: You
  • Huna’s 6th principle states that all power comes from within.
  • You might think that “blaming yourself” is defeatist but it is the most empowering way to look at the world.
  • Instead of your wife, it’s your effort in the relationship!
  • Instead of your job, it’s your ability to get promoted or find another job.
  • Instead of the Government, it’s a question of what you’re doing to solve the problem.
  • Instead of the foods you eat, it’s the foods you choose to eat.
  • Instead of the weather, it’s what you decide to do in that weather.
  • By asking yourself how either you have created the situation, or what can you do about it, you take the power back because you reinforce where the power lies and that’s within you.
  • Exercise
    • Think of the #1 thing that’s missing from your life that you want the most.
    • What’s the reason you give as to why you don’t have it?
    • If it’s an internal reason, congrats! You are on your way to having it.
    • If you’re like the rest of us and you gave an external reason, think about how you can change the reason to make it an internal one – here’s the question: what am I doing or not doing that is holding me back from having this thing that I want?
  • Homework:
    • Stay very aware of your thinking. Identify other areas where you’ve decide to surrender to an outside power. Change the perspective and bring the power inside, meaning ask the question that squarely puts the cause as yours.
  • Advanced Exercise
    • Help others realize this. Help others ask the question.

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