HunaTrainer.Com 031 – Out of body experiences

Today we’re going to have an out of body experience. Commonly known as Astral Projection or perhaps lucid dreaming.

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  • Bad news: it’s a lot easier than you think.
  • Tried at age 10.
  • Too complicated.
  • Easy way is the Huna way.
  • In fact, you’ve already done it in some degrees.
  • BBS Happenings
  • Secret to OBE: focusing your awareness outside of your body
  • You do it all the time, but only to the degree where 1% of your awareness is outside your body
  • Do it right now: imagine yourself at your favorite park, looking at your favorite tree.
  • 2-5%: produces richer results where it feels like you’re flying along with various physical experiences.
  • 10-50%: can be perceived by others or animals
    • Serge King demonstration
    • Dog barking
  • 100% creates teleportation
  • Effective technique for inducing an OBE
    • Free of physical inputs or get jerked back
      • Key!
      • Quiet room
      • Comfortable bed
      • Good position where you won’t have to shift position
      • Set things up so that your awareness won’t be brought back to a physical sensation
    • PikoPiko except through your third eye
    • Imagine exhalation forming a cloud body of matter above you
    • Move your awareness into that cloud body
      • What would it feel like up there?
      • What would it look like up there?
      • What would it sound like up there?
      • What would it smell like up there?
    • Look around your room
    • Focus on details
    • Move around the house
    • Gradually build your confidence and fly elsewhere.
    • Things to try
      • Move at the speed of thought
      • Will yourself forward and backward through time
      • Will yourself to reconnect with departed spirits
      • Visit other planets
  • Exercise
    • Do it!
  • Advanced Exercise
    • Do it and share on the bbs
    • No previous experiences, just ones based on these techniques.

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