HunaTrainer.Com 032 – Integrating the Princples

Lets integrate all of the Huna princples into single cohesive system.

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  • Quick review of the Huna system
    • 3 selves – Ku, Lono, Aumakua
    • 4 realities – Physical, Psychic, Symbolic, Holistic
    • 7 Principles –
    • IKE. The world is what you think it is.
    • Kala. There are no limits.
    • Makia. Energy flows where attention goes
    • Manawa. Now is the moment of Power.
    • Aloha. To love is to be happy with.
    • Mana. All power comes from within.
    • Pono. Effectiveness is the measure of truth.
  • We’ve separated in order to in integrate – so now that the separation is complete, lets integrate
  • To create change:
    • Ike: become aware of what you want to change
    • Kala: Let go of what was
    • Makia: Focus on what you want
    • Manawa: Let go of the past and focus on the now of the change you’re making.
    • Aloha: Be happy with whatever degree of success you have
    • Mana: Remember, you’re the only one that has the power to change.
    • Pono: Keep doing it until you have the results you want.
    • Use your lono to focus your attention on the new thinking
    • Open a rich 2-way line of communication w/ your Ku to make sure the changes are being heard/imlemented loud and clear
    • Trust your Aumakua will manifest the change in the most perfect way, probably better than you can ever imagine.
    • Shift to 3rd level of reality and interpret everything that goes on as a reflection of yourself and the change you’re undergoing.
    • Remember that problems will come up in proportion to the degree of change you’re making and that’s your Ku sharing with you the cobwebs you need to clean out.
  • Find a away to apply the principles, selves, levels to nearly any condition and you will have created an extremely powerful tool to get anything done.
  • So, one of the keys will be to come up with ways to continually reinforce and remember the principles
  • What are some ways to remember the principles?
    • Chant
    • Colors of the rainbow
    • White. IKE.
    • Red. Kala.
    • Orange. Makia.
    • Yellow. Manawa.
    • Green. Aloha.
    • Blue. Mana.
    • Violet. Pono.
    • Days of the week –
    • Start Sunday with Ike.
    • Wear clothes w/ that color
    • Think about that principle on that day, and use 3rd level of reality to see how that day reflects that principle
  • Homework
    • Blue feather exercise: Create a rainbow – understand that the rainbow represents the integrated principles
    • Apply the principles against something you want to change
  • Advanced Homework
    • Adjust the principles to something specific in your life and report your results back on the bbs

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