HunaTrainer.Com 034 – Consciously connecting to your Aumakua

Consciously connecting to your Aumakua

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Topic Discussion

Review of the 3 minds

  • Ku – Body Mind
  • Lono – Deciding Mind
  • Aumakua – God Mind

Common definitions of Aumakua

Summary meaning: God-like in powers, but family member in relationship

My application

  • God-within
  • Connection to the greater God
  • A definition of “Greater God” – infinite consciousness
  • Finger, body, forest, island, earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, God

Many layers of Aumakua

  • Personal
  • Identifiable Group “Po’e Aumakua”

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Connecting to your Aumakua – taken from Mastering Your Hidden Self by Serge Kahili King

  • Not complicated or secret!
  • Evidence of creation is all around us!
  • Published need for “mana” is for the Ku’s purpose, as if to drown out the noise.

Bless the present

  • Think of beauty
  • Pay attention to all the goodness and beauty around you
  • Avoid analysis or criticism
  • Over time you will develop a growing sense of expansion and good feeling, indicating more direct contact with your high self

The observer

  • Who is aware of sitting here?
  • Who is aware of this body, these feelings, these thoughts?
  • Who is aware of being aware?
  • Keep asking without any expectation or making up of answers and after a certain time you will experience a “break through”.

Energy Awareness

  • Aumakua is pure, conscious energy
  • Imagine yourself bathed in white light with energy going through you
  • Practice with and become aware of energy flows
    • Feng shui
    • Surfing big waves
    • Thunderstorm
  • After practice, imagination will give way to awareness

Meeting the wise one

  • Walk along a path in your garden with the intent on meeting the “wise one” that is connected with the infinite intelligence
  • Talk, touch, and listen to what they have to say
  • Remember that it is only advice, not orders. Orders are Lono’s job and if you’re getting orders it’s your Ku getting in the way.


  • Try these techniques

Advanced Homework

  • Connect with other levels of Aumakua
    • Work
    • School
    • Church
    • Sports

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