HunaTrainer.Com 036 – The Power of Ritual

Transform a simple event into something much more meaningful.

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Topic discussion

  • A ritual is a certain structure that is applied to an event such that it creates a powerful impression on the Ku
  • Gets people’s attention
  • Opens up their Ku for a strong impression
  • Elements of a good ritual
    • Strong open and strong close
    • Sensory input
      • Sound, smell, place
    • Familiar and predictable form
    • Understood symbolism
    • Special
      • Special Place
        • Hold hands
        • Mark it off
      • Special Objects
        • Clothing
        • Jewelry
        • Power objects (staff, crystal, etc)
      • Special Movement
        • Dance
        • Arms held high
        • Sign of the cross
      • Special Sounds
        • Chants
        • Instruments
  • Examples of Ritual
    • Birthday party
      • Weak open
      • Sensory – decorations
      • Form – Song, Candles, wish
      • Special?
      • Place – decorations
      • Objects – Party hats
      • Movements – Blowing candles
      • Sounds – Song
      • Strong Close –
    • Church Services
      • Strong open
      • Sensory – Church design, incense, clothing,
      • Form – Eucharist, chants, readings
      • Special
      • Strong Close
  • Adding ritual to your life
    • Add Strong open and close
    • Make it special: place, objects, movements, sounds
    • Add symbolic gestures
  • Examples of ritualizing things
    • Party
      • Normally just a get together
      • Add a program with a purpose and begin with a strong open
      • Decorate the place
      • Wear something special
      • Do something during the party that involves the guests
      • Make a strong close
    • Lunch with friends
      • Open with a welcoming invocation or prayer
      • Use a structure to get everyone involved
      • Pass out a special food/dessert
      • Close strong with a group hug
    • Moving to a new desk or office
    • Getting a new car
    • Starting off the first day of a new promotion
    • Moving into a new house
    • Baby’s first luau
    • Using a new computer


  • Think about the things that you do and add ritual elements to them.
  • Take the common and make it uncommon

Advanced Exercise

  • Create or augment a spiritual ritual

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