HunaTrainer.Com 037 – Yes, there is a Santa Claus

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Santa Claus is real and you can choose to bring him into your life.

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  • 215 users and 7004 articles!
  • New Year’s Wish
  • How to interpret your dreams
  • Create your year
  • Top 10 "Pillars" of our Community
    1. Petra
    2. Satsuma
    3. Possibilities
    4. Kuel
    5. Dave
    6. Alister
    7. Nathascha
    8. Cyberian Tiger
    9. Neo
  • Add your pin to our Frappr Map!
  • Santa Claus history
    • Wikipedia
    • St. Nicholas of Byzantine (Turkey)
    • Bishop who saved daughters from prostitution
    • Miracles attributed to him
    • Sinterklass in Netherlands most common to Santa Claus with gift giving
  • Santa Claus for me
    1. Every year I expect a special gift from Santa Claus and every year he brings me something.
    2. I believe in Santa Claus.
    3. Huna perspective: I’m shapeshifting into the saint, resonating with the spirit, and bringing it into my life.
    4. I believe in Santa Claus.
  • How can you tune into Santa Claus
    • Say Merry Christmas a lot.
    • Sing Christmas Carols (Elf!)
    • Add Merry Christmas to your signature
    • Download a blinking light tree from the site
    • GIVE!!!
      • The extra tip.
      • The little gift.
      • Of yourself
      • Hold the door open
      • And make sure you say Merry Christmas
  • Why givers are gainers
    • Giving is a physical action that reinforces a belief in abundance
    • Giving makes others feel good which helps you feel good
    • Find out where you have a hard time giving and that will tell you where you have a hard time receiving
  • For something particularly satisfying, give of yourself:
  • Time – volunteer
    • Effort – Help someone
    • Self – Let someone else go first
    • Traffic
    • Holding door open
    • Let them cut in line
    • Anything that purposely puts someone else first and you second.
  • Give to our friend
  • One of our Members has cancer
    • Visit him in Halawa and give him a blessing
    • Or just give him a blessing
  • Exercise
    • Give!
  • Advanced Exercise
    • Find out where you have a hard time giving.

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