HunaTrainer.Com #039 – Create your Ultimate Life

How close are you to living your ultimate life?

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Annual Thank you exercise

  • No one is an island
  • Think about all the people that helped you in the smallest way.
  • People that you want to thank for making up your web of life
  • Send them an email telling them that.
  • Watch the magic.

Dream up the ultimate day

  • How close is the dream to the current reality?
  • Is it full of material things or simple pleasures?
  • Chances are its non-material
  • Make this one of the key focal points in your life
  • It’s the blue feather that really matters
  • Its about creating the end result instead of creating what you currently think you need in order to have that end result
  • Focusing on the money is what most of us do and the money (alone) won’t get you that end result
  • We don’t have the capacity to think up the ultimate path, but the quantum-level intelligence does
  • Most times when you focus on the end result, it ends up happening much better and faster than you could have ever imagined it.

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