HunaTrainer.Com 040 – Channel the intelligence of the Universe

It’s easy to do and of course you already know how.

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BBS Happenings

  • Channeling is like shapeshifting
  • Shapeshifting – you become something else
    • you take it
  • Channeling – you let something else come through you
    • it takes you
  • Process
    • Think of what or who you want to channel
    • Think of what end result you want
    • Use a friend to ask questions.
    • Meditate on the entity and “tune in”
    • Visualize the spirit form of the entity permeating your body
    • Once you feel the entity has connected and is flowing through you, invite your friend to ask questions.
    • Completely let go (surrender! Turn off Lono!) of what you’re saying and thinking, staying focused on keeping a strong link between you and the channelee.
    • Record the conversation
  • What is going on?
    • You can tune into anything: 2nd principle: There are no limits.
    • Surrendering to the channeled entity and letting your lono fall asleep allows the information to flow through you.
  • Concerned about possession
    • don’t be. it takes skill and effort to turn off lono and tune Ku into something else.
    • you can’t tune into something that doesn’t resonate with you anyway
    • if you are concerned, don’t do it.
  • Uses
    • Example: Channeling “Spirit of Marriage”
    • Channel great leaders and key historic people
    • Channel passed-on family members
  • Exercise
    • Help a friend and channel someone for them
    • Post it on the bbs!

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