HunaTrainer.Com 044 – Descend to Milu, the underworld of challenges

Descent to Milu, the underworld of challenges.

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Topic Discussion

  • Garden is a great place to visit
  • Have you thought about using it to understand challenges?
  • Good for short-term, e.g. going to the dentise
  • Good for long-term, e.g. why is my health, wealth, happiness or success suffering?
  • The process:
    • go to your garden
    • Ask for an image which represents the problem
    • Heal the image
    • Do this until you achieve the desired effect
  • Break
  • Lets go a little deeper into challenges with a guided visualization to Milu, the underworld of challenges.
  • It’s the opposite of Lanikeha. Instead of going up, we go down.
  • You will take your power animal with you
  • We’ll be facing the seven challenges
    • ignorance
    • limitation
    • confusion
    • procrastination
    • anger
    • fear
    • doubt
  • After the challenges, you will receive a power object which you will bring back to your garden.
  • When should you use this? All the time!
  • When you get a challenge, manifest it either in your garden, or do a mini quest to Milu.
  • Remember to keep performing the exercise until you get the desired result.

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