HunaTrainer.Com 045 – Emotional Resonance

Emotional Resonance – passive and active resonance with the emotions of others.

Have you ever been in a situation where the mood of the home or workplace gets significantly altered by the mere presence of an emtionally charged person? Today we’ll find out what’s going on and what you can do about it.

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Show Discussion

  • The Ku acts as a psychic transceiver – it both receives and transmits psychic information
  • One of the purposes is to more deeply communicate with other people.
  • There is always a psychic level of communication occurring when people get together.
  • It’s why brainstorming works. It’s when the 3rd brain kicks in.
  • This is why face to face communication will always be unmatched by anything else.
  • The most dramatic example I can think of is a live concert that has been recorded or videotaped. You can watch or listen to the exact same concert that the audience did, but your experience will not even come close to the live one. Why? Because you didn’t tune into the emotions of thousands of people.
  • Why is this important to know? Because you can be influenced by the emotions of others, and you can also influence other people’s emotions.
  • Automatic resonance occurs when the transmitter and receiver are on the same "frequency" which is the result of several key elements:
    • They are comfortable with each other in some way.
    • The receiver is open to being influenced.
    • The transmitter is actively transmitting.
  • How to actively allow others to influence your emotions:
    • Think about the person whose influence you want.
    • Put yourself in that person’s shoes.
    • Let go of your own emotions and consciously allow their emotions to influence yours.
    • For imagery: imagine light eminating from that person and permeating your body.
    • You can also do a garden technique. Visit your garden, ask to see that persons emotion and swallow it within your own body and feel it influencing your body
    • Feel the effects
  • How to influence others with your emotions
    • Moral issue: is it "bad" to do this? Truth is you’ve been unconsciously doing this already. The difference is that now you’re consciously doing it. Remember that you can’t influence anyone that doesn’t want to be influenced.
    • Think about the person you want to influence
    • Put yourself in that person’s shoes – almost like a shapeshift
    • Be very firm on your own emotional state, and surround that person with your own emotional energy.
    • Visualize this with light coming from your own body and permeating that person’s body.
    • You can use colors in line with the four principles:
      • White: Awareness
      • Red: Freedom
      • Orange: Focus
      • Yellow: Persistence
      • Green: Love
      • Blue: Confidence
      • Purple: Wisdom
    • Garden technique: Create the person and the emotion in your garden. Direct the emotion to surround the person.
    • Look for keys to the effects working.
  • Break
  • How to negate emotional influence by others
    • If you feel yourself unable to explain why you are experiencing an emotion, it may be that you’re being influenced by someone very close to you at a psychic level. If you try this technique and feel the emotion fading away, that’s probably the case.
    • Create a mental image of something blocking the psychic transmission. I use the image of solid silver food cover coming over me and bouncing out the emotions. Usually this does it for me.
    • Tell yourself you don’t want to be influenced by this person. This also works wonders for contagious viruses.
    • Focus on a different emotion.
  • Parlor Trick
    • Find a willing volunteer. Key is willing. Not to prove something, not to convince, but to participate
    • Ask them to stand and tell them that they need to completely let go and trust you. Trust that if they float away, you’ll pull them back down, if they sink down, you’ll pull them back up, and if they fall forward or back, you’ll be there to stop their fall.
    • Ask them to stand and relax and allow themselves to be moved in whatever way they feel.
    • Take a few steps back. Tune into the person and ask your Ku tell you whether this person would rather move closer to you or further away from you, based on their personality, i.e. rebel or friend.
    • Imagine then reaching out and (for this example) your arms, embracing them and pulling that person toward you. Put as much mana as you can into this, and Piko-Piko in advance would be very, very helpful.
    • This person will either being to lean, or fall, or be moved, or remark upon feeling a moving force.
    • It’s a great way to demonstrate the concept of resonance.
  • Exercise
    • Become aware of emotions affecting you. Find out if they are as a result of you resonating or being influenced by others.
    • Try to influence someone else in a positive way.
    • Report back to the community

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