HunaTrainer.Com 046 – Everything is Perfect

Everything is Working out Perfectly.

Today we’ll talk about the fourth level of reality, the one where Everything is Perfect. Want to live in this world? Stay tuned.

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Show Discussion

We’ve talked about the first level of reality, which is your physical world, the 2nd level of reality, which is the psychic world where everything is alive and responsive, the 3rd level of reality where everything is a dream and a reflection of you.

  • The Universe defaults to a perfect operation.
  • The proof is that it’s still here after billions of years, operating billions of galaxies.
  • The Earth is closer, life on earth, mankind is further proof.
  • And even if we blow ourselves up, the earth, or solar system, or certainly the universe will still continue in perfect execution
  • Shifting your perspective into 4th level is all about tuning into the idea that everything is indeed executing with divine perfection.
  • And since the Universe operates that way by default, all you really need to do is let go.
  • The easiest way to allow things to execute perfectly is to EWOP them.
  • EWOP = E-W-O-P = Everything is Working Out Perfectly
  • Simply say it with conviction, feel the burden lifted, allow peace, joy, and relief to enter
  • KEEP SAYING IT until you see things WOPing.
  • Exercise: Use EWOP on a difficult situation this week and share your findings
  • Music: "Just Be, DJ Tiesto".

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