HunaTrainer.Com 049 – Understanding Aka

Understanding Aka, the quantum substance of reality-creation

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what is Aka: Hawaiian dictionary:

  • 1. n. Shadow. Cf. hoaka 4. Aka lehulehu, shadow of the multitude; fig., a well-worn path. Ili i ke aka, to cast a shadow. ʻŌlelo i ke aka ka hele hoʻokahi, one going alone talks to the shadow. hoʻo.aka To cast a shadow. (PPN ʻata.)
  • 2. nvi. Reflection, image, likeness (Nah. 12.8); faint glimmer preceding the rising of the moon; essence of an offering rather than the flesh; to appear, of moonlight. Many words compounded with aka express clarity, brightness, related to this meaning. Cf. hoaka 3. ʻO ke aka kā ʻoukou, ē ke akua, ʻo ka ʻiʻo kā mākou, yours is the essence, O god, ours the material part. (PPN ata.)
  • 3. n. Embryo at the moment of conception.
  • 4. n. Newly hatched fish in the stage in which its body is still transparent. Cf. hāuli, mana, kākau.
  • 5. n. Knuckles, as of hands or ankles; joints of the backbone; node and stalk of kava; kava slip for planting.

What is aka

  • a quantum physical material that is shaped by thoughts
    • aka + mana = reality
  • conductor of thought/energy
    • If ku is a transmitter, aka is the conductor of the radio frequency, like the atmosphere
  • strong aka bonds form with connections
    • connect with any of the senses, and you form a strong aka bond that can be activated any time for bidirectional information flow
  • memory container
    • a place holds a memory of all the things that have happened at that place
    • memory held in the aka
    • tune in to the aka and you tune into the place
    • memory not stored in the brain but rather all around the body, it its aka
    • organ donor experiences support that theory
  • aura
    • want to see your aura/aka?
    • put your hand in front of a dark surface (black velvet is best)
    • look around the edges of your fingers for a slight "field distortion"
    • that’s your aka!

Financial Support – Mahalo Nui Shout out to:

  • creative method
  • James H
  • Christopher B
  • John M
  • Mav
  • John J

What can you use it for?

  • Reconnect with a loved one
    • anyone that you have seen/touched/etc can be tuned into.
    • build up some mana via breathing
    • extend your hand and point your finger
    • extend an “aka thread” to the person you wish to connect with
    • visualize seeing the connection established with that person
    • allow yourself to accept information from that connection. be aware of what you see and feel.
  • Learn more about a place you are at
    • tune into the aka and go back through time to see the events occurring where you have been.
  • Reality creation
    • the essence behind the blue feather
    • create the feather in its aka form – seeing it clearly,
    • then add mana to the scaffold, making it more real

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