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HunaTrainer.Com 054 – Does our thinking really create our reality?

Does our thinking *really* create our reality?

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Show Discussion – from the question section

  • Does your thinking really create your reality?
  • Does all illness come from conflicting thoughts, what about children/newborns?
  • It’s like evolution: we know it’s true but because we can’t explain how the eye or feathers evolved doesn’t mean it’s not valid.
  • One of the keys to Huna is to not allow exceptions to come into play
    • I create my own reality EXCEPT bending hard physics.
    • Conflicting thoughts cause illness EXCEPT for young children
  • illness of children/newborn
    • 8 yr old w/ appendicitis
    • shift to 4th level: there is a higher purpose for the child getting sick and therefore it wants to be that way
  • creating reality
    • can my reality creation conflict with someone elses and who wins?
    • do we really create reality, as in hard physics?
    • hard physics is a creation of man’s own interpretation of the ultimate truths of the universe – and they change!
    • Huna says, yes, to it all. Like evolution, we may not have the answer to everything, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true and, most importantly, effective.
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  • these are all just systems, like any other system
    • purpose is for an end-result, effectiveness
    • you can bend the rules all you want, it’s your system!
    • but be aware that you may affect its effectiveness
    • are you bending the rules to satisfy the hard science part of you?
    • or are you bending the rules to become more effective?

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