HunaTrainer.Com 058 – The Huna System

An overview of the Huna system.

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Mahalo Nui for the kind comments on Podcast Alley!

Quote of the week :

Kuel: "When I think about my world now, I am empowered with some new ideas and methods, Some of which I know through experience are very effective for me. I’m not saying that I have come to a place where everything is rosy and perfect in every way, however I have come to a place where I can look forward to the challenges, gifts and experiences ahead and fully expect the satisfaction curve of my life to, on average, keep climbing sharper and sharper Smile"

Kevinnyc: "At a time of great transformation and turmoil in my life, I have found
a place to help me turn down the noise in my head to better hear the
beautiful music playing. A place to help me better navigate the higher
highs and the lower lows in the rollercoaster that is my life.

Pohaku, from your first words in your first podcast, it is immediately clear that you are a gentle and wise soul. My hat is off to you for creating and focalizing a community with such spirit and presence. Thank you for sharing your gifts and allowing an opportunity for others to share theirs. You are doing important work, selflessly, and your reach is global (and beyond?). I wonder if you truly comprehend the impact that you have.

And of the contributors to this community, what a wealth of wisdom, insight and compassion. There is a great phrase I heard, “dancing on the fulcrum of evolution,” and I think that is what is taking place here.

There is much to learn, and I am impatient. I have grown frustrated in banging my head up to my limitations but I somehow know that contained here are the clues, maps and sign posts to help make my evolution less messy.

Much love, gratitude and respect for already making a profound difference in my life. "

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Integration – The Huna System – Mahalo Wynyfryd for the question!

  • Seven Principles
  • Four levels of reality
  • 3 selves
  • Aka, Mana


Student tuitions – Mahalo Nui!

  • Joseph C:
    • Pohaku, I have just been through one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging times of my life. I’ve lost family members, moved my home, been through job changes, experienced frustrating personal losses, and recently learned of my infertility. All of this crushed me and crushed my positive spirit. In the midst of rebuilding one such loss, came across your podcasts, loaded them onto my iPod and took a 14 mile walk today to listen to everything I’d fallen behind on. Within the first 5 minutes of that walk I found a blue feather; and 5 hours I found that I was in a place of peace and positivity. When I consider my current prosperity and where it’s come from, I have no doubt that your podcast contributed greatly to the techniques and confidence I’ve applied to building the value I’ve traded with others for it. Please accept my first of hopefully many contributions to keeping Hunatrainer in effect, and know that I am doing it to acknowledge how personally valuable you and your mission is to me. Your friend,
  • Jan : Surprise in the mail.
  • Brian H : Ku told him how much to bet on the horse.

Seven Princples

  • White – Ike – Awareness – The world is what you think it is.
  • Red – Kala – Freedcom – There are no limits.
  • Orange – Makia – Focus – Energy flows where attention goes.
  • Yellow – Manawa – Power – Now is the moment of power.
  • Green – Aloha – Love – To Love is to be happy with.
  • Blue – Mana – Confidence – All power comes from within.
  • Purple – Pono – Flexibility – Effectiveness is the moment of truth

Break – Silver Dreams – Sam Heyman

Four Levels of Reality

  • 1st Level: Physical – Science/Physics/Laws/etc
  • 2nd Level: Subjective/Psychic – Everything is alive, aware, and responsive.
  • 3rd Level: Symbolic/Dream – Everything is a dream. Everything is a reflection of you. Signs.
  • 4th Level: Holistic – Everything is perfect. EWOP.

Three Selves

  • Ku:
    • It’s primary function is memory.
    • It controls the entire operation of the physical body, thought some of this control is shared by the conscious mind (lono).
    • It is the source of all emotions and feelings.
    • It is the source of all mental and physical habits and behavior.
    • It is the means by which the conscious mind perceives experience and acts upon it.
    • It is the receiver and transmitter of all psychic phenomena.
    • It’s prime directive is to grow.
    • It reasons logically (Programmers and techies, TAKE NOTE!)
    • It obeys orders
  • Lono
    • The ability to direct awareness and attention
    • Will power
    • Making a conscious decision or choice
  • Aumakua
    • It is the ancestral spirit – the collection of spirits that “watch over you”
    • The manifesting spirit – the part of you that creates reality
    • The divine spirit – that part of you which is directly connected to God, or the Infinite Consciousness, or the Universe (pick the one that resonates best with you)

Break: Soul Burn – Mind Crawlers


  • “Shadow, reflection, likeness, image, essence”
  • a “prematter” which connects and penetrates everything in the physical universe
  • Quantum level substance
  • Aura
  • The medium by which mana or life-energy manifests
  • Influenced by thought patterns
  • Stores memory very similar to as described by akashic records.
  • Conductor of information and experience.
  • Think of aka as a field, influenced by thought, that functions as the scaffold and conductor for energy and matter. When we travel to the garden of other people, we essentially send out an “aka thread” to that person, form the connection, and then transmit/receive information/energy over that aka wire.


  • “chi”
  • the energy that gives you life
  • influenced by diet
  • increased by deep breathing
  • influenced by attititudes
  • the fundamental universal energy force

Huna Trip Hawaii Adventure starting Nov 23.

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Music: IXI- Don’t Hurt Silver

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