HunaTrainer.Com 060 – It’s always darkest before dawn.

This show shares stores that illustrate how using Huna techniques to maintain a positive outlook during difficult times might just help you realize the hell you may be going through is a necessary component of ascending to a better way of life.

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Quote of the week (Maya) :

So, I tottally just got back from some more surfing. I was amazed at the Wild life I’d seen. I’ve been to Tofino Countless times before, and have never once seen more than a Seal, or Sea Lion. This Time, I literally Surfed with 2 Porpoises (Hope I spelt that right!). I was kind of in a Lull, No big waves at all, For some reason, there were no surfers around and the waves were 100% mush. Than this Mediocre wave comes up and I’m Paddling, Wave hasn’t broke yet, Turn around to check if it’s broke yet and there are these 2 Porpoises In the Swell surfing it underwater! I start to drop in while the wave breaks to my Right, and I start to carve left, hoping I don’t hit the Porpoises, which are now out of view, then low & Behold, One of them Is right infront of me! the wave starts to pass me and with it the Porpoise. My initial reaction was that there were 2 of them but thinking later on, it mite have been the one with the light some how refracting. I also saw a Large black something rather Jump Out of the Water the next day and 3 Orca’s.

I Realized, eventually, That these Creatures were all representing IKE and that I wasn’t being aware Enough. When I began to Look more towards the Horizon instead of the closest wave, not only did I catch Bigger waves, The waves got Bigger! By the End of the Trip I caught a Twelve Footer!

The Twelve Footer was the High Lite of my trip. I start Paddling, waiting for it to pick me up, when I realize I’m Damn near verticle. I immediatly Pop Up because I have nothing Else to do, And It starts Curling Around me!!!! I Realized then that the most Orgasmic State of being anyone canever assume is being Within the barrel of a wave. It’s your Own Cocoon. The Second it start happening I was like HUNA IT UP! I jumped straight to 3rd Level and Got this:

The Ocean is Life. Period.

The Wave is Your Aumakua. It’s the only thing connecting you to the Rest of the Ocean. It keeps you striving for perfection and when it envelopes you, that is true ecstacy.

The Board is your Ku. It allows you to make something of the Wave. You can dash left and right, Kick back, Go all insane upon it, but without it, you’re just lost in a big blue ocean.

You are the Lono. You are what directs everything. and when you don’t know what to do, sometimes the board just does it for ya!

That was My split second thinking. I only had a Split second because once I got into the Pipe, it broke on top of me, making me fall flat on my board. The wave kept pushing me along but I needed a second to get back up. Take that one through the Analogy machine.

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What happened?

  • Got hit with a "bomb" that shook my marriage to its core.
  • To the point where we both thought that our marriage was over.
  • In a very Christian way, we died on Friday, spent Saturday in Hell, and rose again on Sunday.
  • Sunday and Monday transformed us to not only realize what an incredible, special, sacred life we have
  • But the best part was the experience stripped off a layer of tarnish that had accumulated over 14 years, revealing that indeed we are soul mates in the truest sense.
  • A new physical sensation keeps the "silver tarnish-free" by reminding us of the sacred relationship we have.
  • Our lives have just taken an incredible step forward, propelling us into an entirely new plane of existence.

Break – How did the Huna philosophy turn a potentially destructive situation into the most positive thing in the Universe?

Student tuitions – Mahalo Nui!

  • Stephanie C.
  • Pamela L.
  • Vincent S.
  • Mach Digital Media
  • Others on Amazon-Dunno who!

How did Huna make a huge difference:

  • The very cause of the problem was psychic in nature.
  • e.g. someone that is not aware of a 2nd and 3rd level (psychic & dream) of reality would have never been affected by this situation.
  • Before the event started, I had dreams that warned me about the event, but I looking back, I mis-interpreted them.
  • As the event was unfolding, I began to realize I was descending into Hell and several key ideas kicked into autopilot
    • There was a sense of "let go" but not quite "get out of here".
    • The let go was with sense of curiosity in terms of "let go and lets see where this leads".
    • As things were progressively getting worse, premonitional thoughts of the outcome of various options gave me a sense of all the alternate futures that might be.
    • As it became clear that all of those futures were hellish, it pointed the way to one and only one path.
    • Intense psychic sensitivity (e.g. shapeshifting, listening to Ku feedback) increased communication.
    • EWOPing allowed for the possibility of any outcome, removing fear and anxiety, which allowed better use of psychic faculties.
  • After the storm had passed, other skills came into play:
    • Heavy 2nd and 3rd level interpretation of events allowed a different perspective to present itself.
    • The cleansing of the previous days combined with total clarity and a mind free of emotional baggage (thanks to EWOP) allowed the sensing of "Soul Magnetism".
    • Sensing Soul Magnetism allowed the full realization to manifest.
    • Living a life based on Huna provided a great base to build on.
      • Married since ’92 with a great marriage
      • Didn’t have years of regretful events to have to heal.
  • Soul Mates reunited
    • Have progressed to the next level.
    • The Magic when we first met is back all over again.
    • This time there’s an actual feeling that comes when we get close.
    • Everything we sensed and believed from the beginning was true: We ARE soul mates!

What are the take-aways?

  • Never underestimate the power of EWOP.
  • The attitude you hold has a profound effect on the outcome you will receive.
  • Approach life as an adventure and you’ll never be disappointed.
  • What might seem as the very darkest moment may in fact be the precursor to the very best.
  • Did we fail to mention EWOP? If this terrible event didn’t happen, we would have never taken our next step.

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