HunaTrainer.Com 061-How to evangelize Huna

Introducing others to Huna

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This podcast helped me FINALLY get in touch with myself after decades of trying. Blessings are raining down on me. My life belongs to me now. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for caring enough about the rest of the world to give of yourself in this manner.

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HunaTraining Episode #1 is live – Congrats to Jerry along with Satsuma, Kuel, and Petra and the community overall.

Main Topic: Introducing Huna to others

  • My personal activity:
    • My wife, while natively understanding the knowledge, couldn’t name any principles.
    • Family doesn’t know.
    • Never shared with any colleagues at work.
    • My kids don’t know its called "Huna".
    • My professional side doesn’t know anything about Huna or HT.
    • Only two other people, my brother and a close friend, know about what I’ve been learning.
    • General Rule: I don’t talk about this to anyone.
  • Like any other exciting discovery, you want to share it with the everyone.
  • Many times that means someone close to you.
  • Some are ready, while others are not.
  • Most of the time, you will probably get rejected, why?
    • Some are not ready for Huna’s "You create your world" way
      • Not prepared to look at themselves
      • More comfortable to blame external reasons for their conditions
    • Some are happy with the way they are and are not interested in change
      • "Leave me alone!"
    • Some have suspicion on Huna’s fundamentals
      • "What is this, a cult?"
      • Some folks don’t look very highly on spiritual paths
    • Some aren’t prepared for you to change
      • If someone is used to saving you, what will they do now?
      • If someone is used to being "better" than you, what will they do if you "beat" them
  • Even if your Huna way is accepted you still are fraught with possible issues:
    • You may get questions you can’t answer.
    • There could be more confrontations/debates which might dampen your own progress
    • Your "object" might fail in adopting Huna, which could bring you down.
    • Helping the other person might take your eyes off the ball which stunts your own growth

What to do? After the break


  • It’s all about your development. Not anyone elses.
  • Focus on your own work and those that are ready to learn will come to you.
  • "When the teacher is ready".
  • Many stories in HT about spouses that have seen dramatic changes in their spouse that has adopted Huna

Using the principles to:

Ike: Become aware of your desire to help others experience the joy and empowerment that you feel.


  • Let go of the idea that those closest to you need to know about Huna.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just your closest loved ones.
  • If you continue your path there will be many, many people that will come to you for help.


  • Focus on your own development.
  • This is all about you, remember?
  • Get your life to advance and improve.
  • If your loved ones are really paying attention, a day will come when they will ask about what you’re doing.


  • Be happy with your loved ones even if they don’t take on Huna as their way.
  • If you take Huna as your own way, you will affect others in a positive way even if they know nothing about Huna. Keep that in your heart.


  • Focus on your own development.
  • The more you feel the need to share, refocus that effort on the need to grow.


  • If you improve your life, others will pay attention.
  • People will come to you that need help. Help them!
  • Much easier to help those that want to learn instead of trying to convince others they should learn.

Huna Trip Hawaii Adventure starting Nov 23.

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