HunaTrainer.Com 062-How to effortlessly manifest anything you want.

How to effortlessly manifest anything you want.

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This podcast is about learning to become yourself. We learn to choose the kind of person we want to be – and become that person. Thanks, Pohaku, for sharing this with the world.

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  • How to effortlessly have anything you want
  • Consider the infinite intentions that are effortlessly manifested.
    • Want love? Reach out to a loved one and feel it.
    • What to eat? Open the fridge and there it is.
    • Want money? You are earning something.
    • Play a sport, play music? How easy is it to do?
    • Weight control: how much effort does it take to stay at your current weight?
  • Consider the intentions you may have difficulties with:
    • Finding a love.
    • Increasing wealth.
    • Improving relationships.
    • Losing weight.
    • Eliminating bad habits. (bad = working against you)
  • Count the intentions you effortlessly manifest vs. the ones you are having difficulty with and there’s no question that nearly anything you want is instantly given.
  • Compare youself to others:
    • nearly zero effort to maintain current levels
    • yet there are millions of people that have better and less than you do
    • each of them uses nearly zero effort.
    • those with less than you have been trying to get where you are yet have great difficulty in doing so
      • weight loss
      • wealth
      • friend
  • What is going on?
    • We each exist at a certain vibrational level or frequency which is the sum total of our existing beliefs.
    • This becomes the Ku’s "automatic pilot" at which is operates.
    • Any intention existing at that vibrational level is effortlessly manifested.
  • Why can’t I?
    • be a millionaire
    • lose 40 pounds
    • socialize with the rich and famous?
  • Manifesting the blue feather – what kind of cases do we see?
    • People who reject their success.
    • People that take a long time
    • People that get it done immediately.
  • The reason why you can’t do certain things is that the change you want conflicts with existing, stronger beliefs and/or a higher vibrational frequency.
  • The current vibration/belief structure was established in your childhood from 0-10 (yes, zero) and typically remained unchanged.
  • It can be changed, like any other habit:
    • Some habits can be changed easily.
    • Others are a little tougher
    • Some seem impossible.
  • Easily changed habits are ones that your Ku does not hold deeply.
    • e.g. brushing teeth
    • the kind of coffee you drink (maybe not!)
  • Hard to change habits are an important indication of tightly held beliefs
    • Money: why do some people easily increase their wealth why others have a nearly impossible time?
    • Job: Why did Wynyfryd’s new career manifest within just a few weeks yet others can’t seem to do the same?
  • What is the nature behind tightly held beliefs and how do we change them?


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What is the nature behind tightly held beliefs and how do we change them?

  • The Ku has collected a set of beliefs that it believes are important to its survival and security.
    • Some are primal: eat, breathe, drink water.
    • The rest are learned: e.g. "if I don’t work and earn money I won’t survive"
  • If you are having difficulty changing a habit it is because the Ku has a conflicting set of beliefs which are stronger than the new belief you’re trying to institute
    • e.g. belief from childhood that starving equates to terrible family experiences.
      • result is that one eats a lot and stays overweight so that one will never starve.
      • attempting to lose weight is canceled out by belief that if weight is lost the terrible experiences will return.
    • This is why some people get instant positive results (watch any infomercial) yet others can’t seem to achieve those goals no matter what they try: Some don’t have strong established beliefs to butt up against.
  • Good news (especially for programmers) is that Ku is a 100% logic executing machine.
    • All of its logic inputs are from its own perspetive, however, not an absolute reality.
  • Understanding why you can’t get certain things done is essentially a debugging exercise!
  • How to debug: simple but can take a lifetime:
    • Be clear on what you want to accomplish.
    • Understand all the issues and beliefs that are supporting your current situation.
    • Deeply investigate all the results and experiences you’ve had in attempting to change the current condition.
    • Understand the "logic" behind the decisions and actions.
    • Re-program and/or re-interpret the decisions so as to give the Ku a new logical conclusion.
    • Change will happen as fast as the Ku understands the new way. Could be instant, could take a lifetime.
  • A tightly held belief is not a trivial/simple thing to overcome, as you probably already know.
    • No amount of ritual or energy balls can typically fix this.
    • You might even consider getting professional help. Shrinks are pretty good at Ku kind of stuff and they can help you uncover many underlying beliefs as well as give you advice on reprogramming those beliefs.
  • Follow the principles to make major changes:
    • Ike: become aware of what you want to change.
    • Kala: Understand about all tightly held beliefs you need to let go of.
      • Super imporant: once you identify the beliefs you want to change and/or let go of, you want to become supremely sensitive to the feelings that arise. e.g. when you decide to forgo that extra large plate of spaghetti and your Ku starts feeling scared, recognize that feeling, acknowledge it, and work to let it go.
    • Makia: Focus on the new beliefs that replace the old ones.
    • Manawa: Do it every time you feel old beliefs arising.
    • Aloha: Celebrate the smallest victories!
    • Mana: Maintain a high level of confidence that you will be successful. Failure is not an option!
    • Pono: Recognize whatever success you have made and use it as a snowball effect to help you make larger changes.


  • You are effortlessly manifesting anything you want that is within the range of your current vibrational level.
  • This level can be changed by focusing your intent and changing the underlying beliefs.
  • The degree and speed of change will be directly proportional to the degree of conflict that the new belief has with all of the pre-existing ones.
  • When change is difficult, it means you are going up against strong beliefs.
  • Your quest is about understanding all of the reasons why the Ku is upholding those beliefs and then changing its assumptions about those beliefs.
  • Change will happen in proportion to how successfully you change the assumptions.


  • This is non-trivial stuff. Everyone has strong beliefs they are trying to change.
  • It won’t happen quick or easy. You probably already have made all quick and easy changes you can.
  • Never give up. It may be a lifelong quest.
  • The results are worth it, not just for what you changed but more importantly for learning about the process and having the confidence to make even bigger changes in the future.

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