Sometimes its better to skip a turn

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Sometimes when you skip a turn, better stuff is right around the corner. Also a word about maintaining good attitudes in today’s economic conditions.

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Update: I received this post from KatrinaMolina in our community and it’s so good it’s worth crossposting here. Good on you Katrina!

Pohaku you are truly a gifted speaker, and presenter of your ideas. I am so grateful for all you do, and for all of your wisdom that has been broadcast to the world. This one really spoke to me. I felt like you were in the room with me. I used to live in Hawaii, and I could visualize Makapu’u, driving around the bend, walking down the rocky path. I remember sitting above Makapu’u once and waiting to see if a Tsunami was going to visit us, many years ago (at that time, it didn’t).

Anyway, I must share with you how you have impacted me. My husband was recently laid off from his job. there is no other work around here. All the other firms like his have gone out of business. While this may seem bleak, I too, am not worried. I was at first, I must admit, you’re better at this than I, but I came to realize what an incredible opportunity we have before us. His goal is to get in to school, and to finish his degree. He is incredibly intelligent, but for many reasons, didn’t travel that path earlier in his life. I have a job, thankfully, but he does not. Each day I wonder how it is going to pan out, but I find that every day something happens to assuage my concerns, and in fact works out perfectly. Even though I have to decide who gets paid and who doesn’t, I know that somehow, someway, all will be well. I also know that right now is all I have, and right now, nothing has happened. It is only possibilities, and all I see are good ones, despite what the nightly news has to say (I don’t really watch that anyway).

The really cool thing about all of this is for the first time in my life, instead of getting all hung up on all the possible details that might create problems, I am staying focused on the goal and on how great things are going to turn out ultimately. I am also staying focused on what is good right now.

The way I am dealing with this uncertainty is like you say: First, I am not worried, all things do eventually work out. Second, I am excited about the possibilities, and can’t wait to see what opportunities lie around the corner. Third, each moment, I am grateful for what I have right now. I can’t do anything about the world, the economy, the job prospects or anything else for that matter. I can, however, make a personal decision to see how wonderful things are right now. I can also easily list at least 20 positive things right now that are coming out of his not having a job. Thank you for summing it up in such a nice way, and thank you for reminding me of how easily I can stay focused on the positive. Sorry for the novel…