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HunaTrainer is supported through a tuition scholarship that will be given to you. I do not want you to spend "your" money to support HunaTrainer. Rather, I want you to use the power of Huna to create the scholarship funds you need.

Here’s how it works

  • You decide what the show is worth to you and for how long (e.g. week, month, year, etc)
  • You use what you’ve learned on the show to create a "scholarship" that will be manifested to you.
  • Send that as a donation to Hunatrainer
  • Any amount you come up with as a value is OK.
  • Any length of time you come up with is OK.
  • Any amount you donate is OK.
  • You have access to all the podcasts and the online community at all times, regardless of how much you donate or how often.

The Details

What’s included

Access to all the podcasts, show notes, and membership in the online community where you can join other Huna learners in a lifelong quest to continually improve their lives.

How to submit your tuition

  1. Ask your Lono to firmly decide that it wants the Huna knowledge and a tuition scholarship for that knowledge.
  2. Ask your Ku to tell you what it thinks one month’s of tuition is worth.
    • Whatever the very first value that comes to your mind is, accept it. We do!
    • If you don’t get strong feelings of what the value of one month’s tuition should be, you are not ready to donate. Follow a few more shows, on us.
  3. Let your Lono look at the value, and decide if it the value your Ku gave you should be worth one month, one show, one year, or whatever length of time feels right.
  4. Bring your Aumakua, Lono, & Ku together as one integrated individual and ask for the manifestation of tuition funds in accordance with the value you have given. Use the Energy Ball exercise if you don’t have clear direction on which technique to use.
  5. Repeat this process at least once a week until the next step occurs. You can use the HunaTrainer shows to remind you of repeating this process.
  6. Sometime within about a month, you will receive money that, aside from your asking above, was not previously planned for or expected. When you receive this money, your Ku will instantly recognize it is the tuition and will give you a very strong signal, "Here is your tuition for this month".
  7. If the tuition you receive is less than the value you have placed, that’s OK, just give what you were given. If you receive more than you asked for, use the additional funds to buy books, tapes, and other knowledge from from any source that you feel will help you further yourself.
  8. After the applicable length of time that your Lono decided the tuition was for, repeat the process (and of course only if you feel that HunaTrainer is delivering a strong value to your life).

Catchup tuition

If you are a long-time listener and want to catch up with any unpaid tuition, simply think about how long you have been listening, let your Ku give you a value of that total experience, and go through the process.

Why do it this way?

Ultimately, this tuition donation exercise is a classic application of Huna principles. We are walking our talk. If I can show you how to create blue feathers, I can certainly show you how to create a tuition scholarship.

Paying the old fashioned way

If you don’t want to create scholarship, or pay monthly, annually, or whatever and would rather pay something out of your wallet that represents a pure donation, all we have to say is Mahalo Nui! (Thank you very much!). Just go through the same exercise and instead of waiting for the scholarship to be created for you, simply donate whatever you feel is the right.

What will the money be used for?

Tuitions will be used to further the growth of the show and additional educational content. The more tuition revenue received, the more we will do; for example: conduct interviews, create books, CDs, and support the movement which is HunaTrainer. Here’s a list of what the group has come up with so far that represents the kinds of things we will be supporting.

And if you’re interested in the big picture, here’s our Vision Statement.


Send your tuition using Paypal (Pohaku’s company name is "CyberCom, Inc" ) :

Click here to send your tuition using Amazon
Amazon Honor System

Click Here to Pay Learn More